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The following visualizations are available currently -

  • Binary search
  • Binary Search Tree (Search and insertion)
  • Linked List and Stack
  • Bubble sort and Insertion sort
  • BFS and DFS traversal
  • Dijkstara and Bellman Ford graph search


Contributions are welcome to be able to provide visualizations for more algorithms. The existing API for visualizers are given below. These existing
visualizers can be used directly for most algorithms.

Algorithm Implementation Visualizer
Binary Search BinarySearch BinarySearchVisualizer
Binary Search Tree BSTAlgorithm BSTVisualizer
Linked List LinkedList LinkedListVisualizer
Stack Stack StackVisualizer
Breadth first search GraphTraversal DirectedGraphVisualizer
Depth first search GraphTraversal DirectedGraphVisualizer
Dijkstara DijkstraAlgorithm WeightedGraphVisualizer
Bellman Ford BellmanFord WeightedGraphVisualizer
Bubble Sort BubbleSort SortingVisualizer
Insertion Sort InsertionSort SortingVisualizer
Selection Sort SelectionSort SortingVisualizer

All algorithm implementations must extend Algorithm and implement the DataHandler interface. The visualization happens on the main thread while
the algorithms run in a seperate thread to be able to pause/resume execution. All data transfer must take place through the DataHandler interface.


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