Top Angular Frameworks & Libraries for angular cli

Angular, NgRx, Angular CLI & Angular Material Starter Project

Angular 9 Example App + Angular CLI + Angular Universal + i18n + Firebase

:rocket: Extensible Angular 12+ enterprise-grade project generator

Echoes Player: the missing Media Player experience for Youtube - Built with Angular (9), ngrx (9), Angular CLI, Boostrap (SASS), Youtube api...

🚀 Deploy your 🅰️Angular app to GitHub pages directly from the Angular CLI! Available on NPM.

Seed project for Angular Universal apps featuring Server-Side Rendering (SSR), Webpack, CLI scaffolding, dev/prod modes, AoT compilation, HMR, SCSS compilation, la...

Todo app with Angular CLI • AngularFire2 • Firebase • OAuth • SW-Precache

npm package for OpenID Connect, OAuth Code Flow with PKCE, Refresh tokens, Implicit Flow

Angular2,4,6 project with AdminLTE dashboard template (using angular, angular-cli and ngx-admin-lte ) Formerly called 'ng2-admin-lte'....

A pure angular clipboard directive

A full-stack TypeScript solution, and starter project. Includes an API, CLI, and example client webapp. Features include production grade logging, authorization, a...

Angular 4+ server-side rendering solution compatible with @angular/material, jQuery, and other libraries that touch the DOM (as well as providing a rich feature se...

A universal clipboard managing app that makes it easy to access your clipboard from anywhere on any device....

Efficiently Dockerized Angular CLI example app

[Inactive] Angular directive for handling click events outside of an element.

Angular Klingon: The UI companion for the @angular/cli

Angular schematic for adding Jest and the required files to an Angular CLI project

Angular 10 Example App, Angular CLI, Bootstrap 5-alpha, PWA, SSR, Angular Universal,Routing, Lazy loading, REST API, Components, Services, Reactive Forms...

A CLI tool for integrating Tailwind CSS into Angular-CLI projects

Angular Demo with a Little bit of a lot of features

🦴 Bare Bones Angular 10 and Angular CLI Tutorial

Add Prettier to an Angular CLI project

**⛔️ DEPRECATED** Add cypress to an Angular CLI project

Ignite UI Command-Line Interface by Infragistics

angular4-primeng-admin @angular/cli开发的后台模板

Angular 4 Chat App using Socket.IO 2.0

An Angular 2+ scaffolding setup for creating libraries

A command line tool to prerender Angular Apps.

Angular REST API client generator from Swagger YAML or JSON file with camel case settigs

Angular compiler-cli with webpack's loader chain.

:four_leaf_clover: Scala Play 2.7.x + Angular 8 with Angular CLI seed project with full-fledged build process...

Allow you to launch Angular schematics CLI commands from files Explorer or Command Palette in Visual Studio Code....

🦄 The Key to a Better Translation Experience

An implementation of the exact same app in Firestore, AWS Datastore, PouchDB, RxDB and WatermelonDB