Top Angular Frameworks & Libraries for animations

SVG icon animation tool for Android, iOS, and the web

🎬 Scene.js is JavaScript & CSS timeline-based animation library

🌙 A collection of cool, reusable and flexible animations for Angular 9+

Render After Effects animations on Angular based on lottie-web

:sparkles: Easy, Reusable Animation Utility library for Angular

Low Ploy Triangulation Animation on Android.

Angular CSS3 animation directives (ngfx-bounce, ngfx-shake, ngfx-flip, ngfx-pulse and more ...)

Angular CRUD ops, Modals, Animations, Pagination, DateTimePicker, Directives and much more..

Advanced Angular Workshop with RxJS/Routing/Animations/AI 🐙

Beautiful Angular landing page with firebase, chat, poll, dynamic features/gallary, and nice animations/scrolling....

Angular module for WOW.js: a customizable library to reveal animations when you scroll.

A sample application exploring the Angular animations module using Angular 8

Angular Component that represents a menu of buttons triggered by a floating action button | built with material design...

Canvas animation with flowers step by step using TypeScript.

Connected Animation (Shared Element Transition) for Ionic Framework.

Demo app for using Angular mechanisms to manage and sequence GreenSock animations

🧸 A resource to showcase the different animations that you could do with Angular

🦁 Lottie Animation Component

🔬🎨 An animation toy from another time.

An Angular (Version > = 2.0) Scheduler component with multiple view modes,themes and animations.

Angular library with common recipes (components, directives, pipes, services, animations, etc)

Repository with samples used on the AngularJS Animations book

Angular bootstrap application with http and application error handling, lazy load modules, reactive forms, stagger and state animations....

Try Angular animations is a WIP:

Quiz game with Flip Flop animation in Angular 8

Fancy angular library containing easy to use and customizable animation elements.

Angular component library for BabylonJS complex animation canvas management.

Micro Interaction Directive for Angular apps - based on native web animations and nothing more..

Angular utility to split text into words, lines or chars for subsequent animations.

tsParticles - Easily create highly customizable particles animations and use them as animated backgrounds for your website. Ready to use components available for R...

🧑‍🎨 A Demo of custom UI components and animations for Nativescript

Angular random chat application that uses 3D animations and for better chatting experiences...

Mirage-UI is a set of easily accessible, reusable, and composable design components and animations that make it super easy to improve the user experience of your w...