Top Angular Frameworks & Libraries for books

:books: 免费的计算机编程类中文书籍,欢迎投稿

:books::100: Collection of learning resources i like

:bookmark: :star: Collection of public dev bookmarks, shared with :heart: from

Web App for people having lots of unread tech books

:books: Library Management Application for Elementary Schools

(A port of ngrx-example-app) This app is a book collection manager. The user can authenticate, use the Google Books API to search for books and add them to their c...

Visually recognize the books on your shelf!

:books: Spring Framework and RESTful API based Library Management System 基于Spring系列框架的图书馆管理系统

Course files for Introduction to Sequelize ORM for Node.js

Book Reserve Management System. An easy way to reserve your favourite books. Project successfully finished....

:books: :blue_book: Search for books through google books API using Angular, in order to learn how to consume external APIs, and improve understanding in Angular...

Book Borrowing System, developed in Django Framework

Angular frontend of an online book sales ecommerce. :moneybag:

Online books (skeleton app for development with latest Ionic/Angular)

📚 A backend proof of concept of a book management application.

A book app built with angular. using Google Books API.

Simple angular app to manage a collection of books

Booksy, a book cataloging application

Spring Boot + Angular + Hibernate / MySQL + Spring Data REST + Spring Security project

:nerd_face: :books: General online courses exercises.

Frontend project for tracking Books written in Angular.

:books: A small application that lists all countries

Angular app hosted on Heroku that toys with the Google Books API

This is an application, similar to "Story Bird", where users can create and share digital story books. The books have text to speech functionality, allowing ESL a...

This is a basic Angular app that fetches books magazines and papers you search for from the Google Books API and displays to you all the required details for the s...

Library application including 3 interfaces : user interface (user-friendly ,create account,forgot password service , change password and account details , see orde...

This is a search engine for books using google book api ( and angular 8 . You can filter results by book categories , authors , lan...

Book Reserve Management System. An easy way to reserve your favourite books. Project successfully finished....

A searcher for books using Google Books API, Angular and Bootstrap.

:books: Recursos para aprender Javascript

Microservices architecture, serverless computing, clean architecture. Azure Functions (out process) v3, .Net Core 5.0, Angular 11, Angular Material 11...

Swap/Exchange books with people from your location with BookXchanger.