Top Angular Frameworks & Libraries for calendars

A flexible calendar component for angular 6.0+ that can display events on a month, week or day view.

📆 calendar æ—Ĩ历

A pure AngularJS responsive calendar directive

📊 Angular directive for d3.js calendar heatmap graph

Angular version of gantt-schedule-timeline-calendar [ angular gantt, gantt chart, angular gantt chart, angular schedule, angular timeline, angular calendar, gantt...

📊 Angular component for d3.js calendar heatmap graph

A full year calendar library for angular

Date range picker component based of Angular Material Calendar component and configurable date presets. Packaged using ng-packagr....

Angular responsive calendar built with material design for desktop and mobile

Fancy calendar for NativeScript :smile: :beers:

Switch between Google Mail, Calendar and Drive within a simplistic desktop app.

A powerful and performant Angular year calendar library built with âĪïļ

Infinite scrollable calendar for angular

:calendar: Datepicker Component For Angular :calendar:

ng-git-calendar is an angular interface component that implements a committing calendar similar to that of github, which can be used for various uses, such as faul...

Software for a smart mirror that informs the user of basic weather, time, and news events, and supports Google Calendar integration....

A GitHub contribution calendar on Angular component.

all your calendar needs in one place.

Calendar for @angular and @angular/material

This is a simple calendar app using nodejs,angular,bootstrap,socket

angular ng-zorro nz-calendar æ—ĨåŽ†åŠŸčƒ―æž”įĪš

A simple calendar component for Angular 8+ and Angular Material

Angular datepicker, best calendar. Select Period, single, or multiple dates. Template your own day in calendar. Two way databinding and others...

:calendar: Angular Jalali Calendar

Angular gantt-schedule-timeline-calendar example

Angular Moment Calendar is an AngularJS directive for a calendar component made with Moment.js.

Ionic 4 angular 8 date range picker calendar.

Ionic App With FireBase Auth,DB and ionic calendar

A calendar for Angular 2+ focused on displaying long intervals, with an infinite scrollable view.

DEMO project that to show you how create an Angular component for calendar appointments

📆 calendar æ—Ĩ历

Sample calendar app built with Angular Material CDK Drag and Drop and VMWare Clarity


Sample calendar app built with Angular Material CDK Drag and Drop and VMWare Clarity

A customizable Angular calendar component