Top Angular Frameworks & Libraries for file upload

File input for Angular Material form-field

A minimalistic UI to conveniently upload and download files from AWS S3

Angular file uploader is an Angular 2/4/5/6/7/8/9/10 + file uploader module with Real-Time Progress Bar, Responsive design, Angular Universal Compatibility, locali...

🔌 A handy FilePond adapter component for Angular

React 16.0/Angular 1.6/Angular 5.0 components for file upload with multiple file selection, preview images, download, file thumbnail...

A simple & configurable Angular Material file upload component.

An @angular ngx uploader component and directive library for upload and preview uploading files.

A HTML5 datatransfer UI for handling upload and download of multiple simultaneous files.

Upload multiple files on AWS S3 and storing the url to Firebase using Angular

Angular 8 Node & Express JS File Upload tutorial - Learn to create file uploading component in Angular using ng2-file-upload NPM package....

An angular2 uploader component and directive library for upload and preview uploading files.

Example Angular App using Aspera Connect and Node APIs, for file and folder upload+download

An official angular component library for the Filestack

Angular Schema Form extension allow developers to add a cloudinary file upload component using form definition...

File upload manager tool for Angular and Firestorage.

Angular 7 File Upload and Porgress Bar Example

Directive to convert files submitted in an input type file to base64

XLS file preview with drag/drop mapping to DB fields

This project includes an example of file manager (upload, get and delete) with WYSIWYG editor on MEAN Stack....

Basic demonstration of uploading files using GraphQL, NestJS and some Angular 10

A app where user can upload and retrieve image/files on a web application

An angular-cli project showing different approaches of File Upload in angular4/angular2, with angular service communicating with a spring boot backend REST service...

A PHP File Multi Uploader with multiples samples

Angular example of file upload using Wistia and Blueimp

A Scalable cross-platform file storage, powered by .Net 5 and Angular 11

Upload files from Angular client to a .NET API endpoint

A highly configurable dropzone component for Angular.

Angular File Uploader Directive which provides two directives, which are select and file drag and drop to upload files on server....

Spring Boot / Angular application to handle uploading/downloading files in/from the server: videos, img......

The main purpose of the software will be to upload AutomationML files to a database. The uploaded files can be accessed from the user through a web interface. In t...

Angular 8 upload multiple files example with progress bar

Angular 11 File upload example with Progress bar & Bootstrap

a POC for Fileupload with upload progress in % using hapijs, socketio and angular8.

Upload files file(images, videos etc) to Azure blob storage and get SAS attached URL, using JavaScript v12 SDK , Nodejs (Expressjs) and Angular 12....