Top Angular Frameworks & Libraries for icons

SVG icon animation tool for Android, iOS, and the web

Official Angular component for Font Awesome 5

🚀 Style and Component Library for Angular

A-la-carte integration of Feather Icons in Angular applications

👻 A lightweight library that makes it easier to use SVG icons in your Angular Application

DEPRECATED. Some services moved to separated projects:,,

Angular 11 package for generating and using inline SVG icons in your project

An Angular 2+ component for an expandable search-icon.

Angular Icon Input Box Components - Font Awesome and Material Design Input Boxes

@mdi/angular-material Dist for Material Design Icons.

Visual studio extension & Intellij plugin for Angular Material 2, Teradata Covalent 1, Angular Flex layout 1 & Material icon snippets...

AngularJS directive to embed country flags by using flag-icon-css library

Wise Web Icons (part of Neptune Design System)

Angular Country Flag Component for any kind of icon-set.

The Lib Tools helps you simplify the build/bundle, test and npm packaging workflows for common library project types such as Typescript/JavaScript library projects...

Simple, easy to use Angular component to manage Feather icons.

[Archived] :octocat: Resources for Codepen and other stuff for my website.

Website for recipes built using Angular, Bootstrap Framework, Font Awesome Icons. The backend is built using Spring Framework. You can find the backend source code...

CoreUI Icons Component for Angular. CoreUI Icons SVG Set implementation for Angular.

Pastanaga UI Icons and Icon System

Angular library for using Material Icons

Component to display SVG icons

Quickly view, search and use the icons in the Material Icons icon pack, even the undocumented ones!

@ixiaer/icon svg -> font example

@ixiaer/icon svg -> symbol example

Angular Google Maps clone for complex marker icons and other explorations

It's an angular app that allows you to search different icons from fontawesome and google material icons....

Angular wrapper for Remixicon icon library

Badging for PWA app icons, Like Native Apps

Use Heroicons ( in your Angular application

Angular component that allows to select an option in form of a material design icon button

This repo will help convert Material Icon SVG files into single file of symbols and how you can use it in an Angular application....

This Angular module allows you to use the Bootstrap Icons in your angular application without additional dependencies....

Display design token documentation generated from your stylesheets and icon files. Preview design token changes in the browser. Add your design tokens to your Stor...

Angular Wrapper for i18n-iso-countries with support of flag icon sets and more!

An Angular component that can be used to create frosted glass effect of icons.

Angular & online library for Microsoft Fluent UI icons

Tabler Icons components library for your Angular applications

🦍 Efficient Angular SVG Icons.

The ultimate icon library for Angular