Top Angular Frameworks & Libraries for maps

The Simplest AngularJS Google Maps V3 Directive

:rocket: Web application to draw mind maps.

AngularJS directive to embed an interact with maps managed by Leaflet library

Angular Google Maps Directives

A collection of directives to help you use Esri maps and services in your Angular applications

angular 2+ component for AMap (Gaode map)

JavaScript library for creating map based web apps using Cesium and Angular

Autocomplete input component and directive for google-maps built with angular and material design | ANGULAR V9 SUPPORTED...

Maps created with Angular & OpenLayers using Material design

Samples for Stimulsoft Reports.JS - a reporting tool for Node.js, JavaScript, ASP.NET, PHP, Angular and Angular 2 applications...

CodeCharta visualizes multiple code metrics using 3D tree maps.

:bar_chart: Dashboard for Angular (versions 4 +)

Web app for quickly creating and editing Pinpoint maps

📑 Effects mapper for @ngrx/effects

A real time Tweet Trend Map and Sentiment Analysis web application with kafka, Angular, Spring Boot, Flink, Elasticsearch, Kibana, Docker and Kubernetes deployed o...

NgRx Plugin for Generating Actions and Reducer Based on the Handler Map

Complete repo from the tutorial Setup Google Map in Angular app (The pro way)

Angular 2+ implementation to upload sourcemaps to Rollbar

In Angular template checks if value is an empty(or not) object, collection, map, or set

A generic 2D map editor for any kind of 2D map.

Typed data models, mappers and adapters

Share your sport activity on the map, discover places & people to train with

Angular 8 Google Maps Firebase Realtime Blood Donor App

Open Source Realtime Live Map for Geo Smart System

:rocket: Web application to draw mind maps.

Angular interface to provide incident service map information and responder actions

This is a survey example using Spring Boot, Spring JDBC, Bean Validation, i18n, MapStruct, Simple Flat Mapper, Angular 5, Reactive Forms, Angular Material and H2.....

Modulare map components for angular

List and map micro-services-based information system and observe how they interact. Track their activities, then gamify their continuous improvement....

A web application designed to populate jobs on a map with corresponding information

This is an Angular 2+ Google Maps store locator project

:clipboard: Ionic-Angular app that displays information about world countries and oceans using JSON data fetched from a REST API. Includes a user search of countri...

🍄 Angular 12 boilerplate that comes with Material-UI, Tailwind, Purgecss, Jest & Cypress Support, Optimal project structure & Interceptor inspired from popular b...