Top Angular Frameworks & Libraries for schematics

JSON powered / Dynamic forms for Angular

:star: Angular tool-box! Start your PWA in two steps! Add Serverless support for existing projects and much more...

Angular Material admin dashboard template.

A simple application demonstrating the basic usage of permissions with NestJS (JWT, Passport, Facebook, Google+, User, Group, Permission)...

Angular Model - Simple state management with minimalist API, one way data flow, multiple model support and immutable data exposed as RxJS Observable....

Angular schematic for adding Jest and the required files to an Angular CLI project

Easily serve and build angular based electron applications

Angular Ngrx Course - includes Store, Effects, Entity, Router Store, Schematics

Add Prettier to an Angular project

🤖 Lets you focus on the stuff that matters

🔥 A schematic that adds Tailwind CSS to Angular applications

:wrench: Schematics for @ngxs/store

Deploy Angular apps to Azure using the Angular CLI

Allow you to launch Angular schematics CLI commands from files Explorer or Command Palette in Visual Studio Code....

🚀 An experimental project which demonstrates an Angular Package which contains Angular Elements and Schematics...

🛠️ Useful exported utilities for working with Schematics

⚡️Discover any Angular module/library/schematic/package hosted on NPM⚡️

:sparkles: Angular schematics to add .pug to your project

Angular Schematics and Builders for `@ionic/angular` apps.

Nx plugins built by FlowAccount team, helps deploy systems to the cloud

A collection of NX plugins baked with love ;)

Automate Angular unit test and boilerplate with this schematic.

Schematics for adding Okta Auth to your projects

An essentials schematics for new Angular applications

A schematic to add TailwindCSS to AngularCLI applications

Angular Extension Schematics - collection of useful schematics for Angular applications generated using Angular CLI, less typing, more fun!...

Angular schematic for quickly scaffolding NgRx Entities

Yet Another Angular Generator - based on @schematics/angular

Automated & opinionated setup for large scaled Angular applications

A sample collection for angular-cli, based on default one

💨 Simple Angular schematic that initializes Tailwind CSS in your project and adds a custom webpack config to your build process....

🥭 nxpm-stack lets you generate a complete and opinionated full-stack application in a Nx Workspace, ready to extend and deploy!...

Angular Schematics for creating SCAM

Schematics for adding Okta Auth to your projects

Open Source Angular Libraries: MatDataSource, MatDatepicker, DynForms

Code mutations in schematics were never easier than now.

Angular Inline Module Schematics