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"Awesome books" is a simple website that displays a list of books and allows you to add and remove books from that list. We can learn how to manage data using JavaScript.We used medium-fidelity wireframe to build the UI at the beginning. Once the code started working , we built the complete website with working navigation .



This project will lay foundations for your Bookstore website. I will create a React and Redux app. I’ll structure my files using the “feature folder” approach. I will also set up routing using React Router.I will create an MVP version of Awesome-Bookstore project that allows us to:

  • Display a list of books.
  • Add a book.
  • Remove a selected book.


Built With

  • React

Live Demo


Getting Started

To clone this project
Run command: $git clone repo
or press the green Code button in the upper right corner and choose to download from the Download ZIP link.


  • Code editor (VS Code, Sublime, Atom)


  • Add linters from linters-config

  • Set up a new project Create React App (CRA)

  • to create a React application is using Create React App (CRA) and following the instructions in this guide

npx create-react-app bookstore-react
cd bookstore-react
npm start
  • Add React Redux
npm install react-redux


👨 Farouq Daif

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