Motorway QA tool for OpenStreetMap.



Try it out here:

For the old CheckAutopista see:

CheckAutopista is a quality assurance tool for motorways in OpenStreetMap. With CheckAutopista you cand easily find tagging errors or missing data in any motorway from around the world.

CheckAutopista only works with motorways gathered in a relation tagged as type=route and route=road. Also the motorway ways need to tagged as highway=motorway or highway=motorway_link.

How to use

  1. Go to
  2. Zoom in to the motorway you want to analyze
  3. Open search tab ()
  4. Click on the Search in map button ()
  5. Select desired motorway from dropdown
  6. Click Download button ()

Quality Assurance

You can choose a motorway from the map and it shows:

  • Ways
    • maxspeed
    • lanes
  • Exit nodes
    • highway=motorway_junction
    • ref
    • destination
      • destination:ref
      • destination:int_ref
    • exit_to
    • name
  • Tollbooths
  • Service and Rest Areas