Top C++ Frameworks & Libraries for artificial intelligence

Now obsolete code accompanying the first (2005) edition of the book "Artificial Intelligence for Games"...

Game platform for Artificial Intelligence research and education

An Artificial Life system designed as an approach to Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence for Kinematics, Dynamics, and Optimization

Quackle crossword game artificial intelligence and analysis tool

Gomoku game (Five in a Row) playing program with a really strong advanced artificial intelligence algorithm (evaluation function, mini-max with cut offs, alpha-bet...

Gesture Recognition For Human-Robot Interaction with modelling, training, analysing and recognising gestures based on computer vision and machine learning techniqu...

Russian AI Cup — artificial intelligence programming contest. Official website:

My C++ deep learning framework & other machine learning algorithms

The purpose of this project is to research Artificial Intelligence and Reinforcement Learning. In the AI Arena, multiple agents can interact with a single environ...

A decision tree classifer based on entropy (Artificial Intelligence)

Artificial Intelligence for Japanese mahjong

AIUR (Artificial Intelligence Using Randomness) is an AI for StarCraft: Brood War.

C++(1y) implementation of algorithms from Norvig And Russell's "Artificial Intelligence - A Modern Approach 3rd Edition"....

Artificial Intelligence Library

Low-cost robot arm powered by computer vision and artificial intelligence

Collect data and send to uper monitor. Run AI model.

Library with example code for the NeuroShield

📚 The 1st homework of the Artificial Intelligence Introduction.

Artificial Intelligence repository for RoboTeam Twente

Artificial intelligence to create Bots in Source Engine.

Artificial Intelligence Computing Platform Driven By BlockChain

An "Off-line machine learning" (Offline AI, artificial intelligence) project, in which 2 tensorflow-lite apps are developed to run on Raspberry Pi 3. It hopes to p...

A Library of MDP algorithms for Artificial Intelligence

📚 The 2nd homework of the Artificial Intelligence Introduction.

Sparse Matrix Factorization (SMF) is a key component in many machine learning problems and there exist a verity a applications in real-world problems such as reco...

An Artificial Intelligence for Spring

Biotechnology protocols improved with Artificial Intelligence for the MIT biotechnology tournament iGem 2019. Check out our website!...

Dwarf Fortress + Artificial Intelligence

Generic Evolvable Graphs for Efficient Learning of Artificial Tangled Intelligence. (A C++ framework for Tangled Program Graphs)...

An artificial intelligence agent that can identify people based on their face.

Reflexive & Persistent System (artificial intelligence)

High-throughput simulation platform for Artificial Intelligence reseach