Top C++ Frameworks & Libraries for biology

Library for producing and processing on the Adaptive Particle Representation (APR).

Precision current source, with optional optical feedback, for driving LEDs and laser diodes

Protein structure comparison tools such as SSAP and SNAP

Very cheap, autonomous and precise spectrophotometer for DIY biology and chemistry.

ROS software repository, Robotics & Biology Laboratory, TU Berlin

Multiscale simulation of multi-cellular system

a novel object-oriented approach to the artificial neural networks inspired by synaptic plasticity between biological neurons...

DNAssist: the integrated editing and analysis of molecular biology sequences in Windows

A simulator for biological and physiological models

LibSBML is a native library for reading, writing and manipulating files and data streams containing the Systems Biology Markup Language (SBML). It offers language...

Modeling of primers/probes hybridization on to a set of target viral sequences.

U12-type intron prediction and file parsing utility in modern C++

tools and software for my spectrometers, sensors, pcr, and incubators

Algorithms for computational biology.

This repository contains the code for modeling a range of patterning and morphogenesis phenomena in biology....

A compilation of Applications using EPOC+ (EMOTIV) for BIOSVisLab in Center for Bioinformatics and Computational Biology from Colombia....

bamcc — split SAM/BAM files into connected components

An organism simulation framework written in C++ to simulate an entire organism or parts of it

ESEMCUDA -- Epithelial Sub-cellular Element Method CUDA Package (For developmental biology simulations)...

Automatically exported from

a Cellular Biology tool

Boonelab segmentation for microscopy images

Software for Computational Biology

We want to build an open source Incubator for biology lab in Cameroon; since most of them are under-equipped due to the high cost of lab equipment. We believe that...

Simulator of secondary CONtact using Fisher's JUNCTION representation of genome admixture.

A generic network class for biology.

Cellular Potts Model exercises for Computational Biology

SLiM is a genetically explicit forward simulation software package for population genetics and evolutionary biology. It is highly flexible, with a built-in script...

bamcc — split SAM/BAM files into connected components

BioAmp EXG Pill is a small and elegant Analog Front End (AFE) board for BioPotential signal acquisition....

A gRNA database generation tool.