Top C++ Frameworks & Libraries for font

Better font rendering for Windows.

Simple hook tool to change Win32 program font.

No!! MeiryoUI is Windows system font setting tool on Windows 8.1/10.

QtAwesome - Font Awesome support for Qt applications

TrueType and OpenType font fuzzing toolset

Tools for exploring OpenVG

Demo app that displays fonts with a free/libre/open-source text rendering stack: FreeType, HarfBuzz and Raqm...

A desktop app to import, edit and export fonts as byte arrays for use in embedded systems

A C++ module for Node.js providing access to the system font catalog.

Ultimate Bitmap Font Generator

Render characters from font files into an SVG path

Tool to create bitmaps and fonts for embedded applications, v.2

A truetype font rendering library for OpenGL ES on iOS devices (iPad and iPhone)

Free font collections manager for Linux, Mac and Windows

icon toolkit for audio developers

Set of script to build & transform iconic fonts

tool for finding visual differences between two font versions

An extension of ofTrueTypeFont class for using UNICODE characters. Tested on OSX, iOS, and Windows.

Font Helper Gui Tool for programming

Utilities for manipulating OpenType, PostScript Type 1, and Multiple Master fonts.

Graphite is a "smart font" system developed specifically to handle the complexities of lesser-known languages of the world....

Warcraft Font Merger,魔兽世界字体合并/补全工具。

BMFont compatible, cross-platform command line bitmap font generator

通用点阵字库生成工具。github停止更新,请移步开源中国 ->

Codehead's Bitmap Font Generator

OpenType font file format fuzzer for Windows

SDF font atlas generation tool

System Native Font Handling in R

Flutter screen adaptation, font adaptation, get screen information

Tool to optimize TrueType font splines

Use font like "awesome font" as icons for Qt application

Standalone library for TrueType font tessellation. Allows to load ttf-file and convert its glyphs to 2D or 3D mesh objects without rasterization....

Convert BDF font file to TTF (embed bitmap as is, not conver to vector)

Double weave on high latency, and mishmash of modding tools - especially for fonts and internationalization for Final Fantasy XIV....

Translates binary information (images, fonts, shaders) into C++ source code.