Top C++ Frameworks & Libraries for internationalization

Internationalization workflow and formatting

Advanced Internationalized OpenFX Text Generator

Work on internationalizing DCSS (Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup).

webOS Native Internationalization library (for C and C++ applications)

Simple Library for Internationalization

An open-source library designed to help C++ developer in creating of multi-language Windows application by using non-compiled PO-files....

XML/Lua Text oriented Menu Framework with internationalization support

Internationalization software for c++ (i18n)

Internationalization projects using C and GNU gettext

Example using internationalization with cordova app.

PHPLocalizator extension for internationalization web projects

Internationalized native Xmage launcher

Simple source code to read and use .mo files for internationalization

cpp / qt helper class, replacement of lupdate for internationalization of your project

Qulacs documentation for readthedocs. Configured to support automatically generate C++/Python API, and internationalization....

GotText - translation engine for PHP

The cross-platform application that can be used as control unit for smart home infrastructure

Sometimes some words like "localization" or "internationalization" are so long that writing them many times in one text is quite tiresome. Let's consider a word t...

A simple example to demonstrate Internalization in Flutter the new way

Free desktop software and a Codename One library (CN1LIB) to internationalize/localize Codename One mobile application easily and quickly....

Internationalization of WIMS modules

Flutter Translate is a fully featured localization / internationalization (i18n) library for Flutter....

A simple project to show how to use Qt Linguist to translate and app (via CMake)

šŸŒ A toolbox for your React Native app localization

Simple CSV localization system for Unreal Engine 4

A header-only i18n library for modern C++

Double weave on high latency, and mishmash of modding tools - especially for fonts and internationalization for Final Fantasy XIV....

the simplest gettext PO file compiler