Top C++ Frameworks & Libraries for miscellaneous

This repository contains stuff which would be helpful for jailbroken iOS development.

Miscellaneous C++11 utility classes and functions

Miscellaneous OFX / OpenFX / Open Effects plugins

TLX - A Collection of Sophisticated C++ Data Structures, Algorithms, and Miscellaneous Helpers

Miscellaneous projects related to attacking Windows.

KDAB's collection of miscellaneous useful C++ classes and stuff

A collection of Code by BOT Man during the College Life in BUPT

Miscellaneous Apps and Tools from CoreCode

Basic benchmarks for miscellaneous C++ JSON parsers and generators

Miscellaneous SLAM algorithms implemented by OpenCV, C++, Ceres, g2o, gtsam, Sophus libraries

Collection of miscellaneous plugins for the nix expression language

Miscellaneous scripts and things that dont merit their own repo. All under MIT License unless otherwise specified...

A collection of miscellaneous mitms that may eventually grow as stuff gets added.

Miscellaneous utility code for c++ projects.

This is mloskot's personal workshop dedicated to miscellaneous prototypes and experiments mostly written in C++ programming language....

Miscellaneous old Exploit code and PoCs

Miscellaneous small code snippets.

Miscellaneous IDA scripts and projects

implementation of some concepts in Security and Exploiting

Miscellaneous standalone NWN tools

Miscellaneous libraries for Arduino

A C/C++ library for decoding QR code 2D barcodes 。"libdecodeqr" is a C/C++ library for docoding QR code, which based on JIS X 0510 and ISO/IEC18004. This library...

Miscellaneous gemstones (REXX, YASP parser, PDA, Android...)

Miscellaneous QML components for webOS

Miscellaneous C++ Utilities

Miscellaneous ArrayFire-OpenCV interoperability functions

ROSPlan dispatch interface for the turtlebot. Adapts PDDL actions to miscellaneous control on the (Kobuki) turtlebot....

Miscellaneous sketches for

Contains miscellaneous Wasm extensions for Istio

implementation of some concepts in Security and Exploiting

Miscellaneous Useful Utilities for modern C++.

Miscellaneous tools/utilities

Miscellaneous Snippets for use with SFML

Miscellaneous programs about Japanese Mahjong