Top C++ Frameworks & Libraries for pdf

Convert HTML to PDF using Webkit (QtWebKit)

Xournal++ is a handwriting notetaking software with PDF annotation support. Written in C++ with GTK3, supporting Linux (e.g. Ubuntu, Debian, Arch, SUSE), macOS and...

LibreCAD is a cross-platform 2D CAD program written in C++11 using the Qt framework. It can read DXF and DWG files and can write DXF, PDF and SVG files. The user i...

A simple tool for visually comparing two PDF files

Fully customizable UIImagePicker replacement with flexible cropping, filters, perspective correction, rotation etc....

Datasheet pinout extractor from PDF and library Stylizer for Kicad.

Text Extraction, Rendering and Converting of PDF Documents

PDF2JSON is a conversion library based on XPDF (3.02) which can be used for high performance PDF page by page conversion to JSON and XML format. It also supports c...

A Fast and Extensible DRAM Simulator, with built-in support for modeling many different DRAM technologies including DDRx, LPDDRx, GDDRx, WIOx, HBMx, and various ac...

The Graph-Cut RANSAC algorithm proposed in paper: Daniel Barath and Jiri Matas; Graph-Cut RANSAC, Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition, 2018. It i...

Dual-Screen PDF Viewer for latex-beamer

Fill PDF forms and return either filled PDF or PDF created from rendered page images.

C++ openFrameworks addon for solving and drawing 2D fluid systems based on Navier-Stokes equations and Jos Stam's paper "Real-Time Fluid Dynamics for Games" http:/...


An implementation of the "Voxel Cone Tracing" global illumination technique proposed by Cyril Crassin (

Robust Text Detection implementation based on

pdfium for android( >= API 9 ) binding

A PoC implementation of the meltdown attack described in

using XPDF, pdftojson extracts text from PDF files as JSON, including word bounding boxes.

A fast DVI, EPS, and PDF to SVG converter

The poppler pdf rendering library

Command line tool to extract figures, tables, and captions from scholarly documents in PDF form.

tool for analyzing and converting PDF

Qt5 interface of the popular PDF library MuPDF

Parse SVG files and render them as PNG, PDF, SVG, or raw memory buffer images.

Reader for PDF,use Qt5 and Poppler


The PDF library used by the Chromium project

PDF and image viewer for the Linux framebuffer.

MQSim is a fast and accurate simulator modeling the performance of modern multi-queue (MQ) SSDs as well as traditional SATA based SSDs. MQSim faithfully models new...

A <Pdf /> component for react-native

OpenScan is an open-source document scanner app that enables users to scan hard copies of documents or notes and convert it into a PDF file. No ads. No data collec...

Program for preparing G-code for milling of printed circuit boards on CNC. You can use it as a converter to a PDF file....

PDF to XML ALTO file converter

This package implements algorithms for identifying overlapping communities in large undirected networks. The sampling based algorithms derive from stochastic varia...

A simple application to extract, merge, rotate and reorder pages of PDF documents

OCR 识别图片以及PDF中的文字, based on Qt for windows and linux.

Simple PDF text extraction

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