Top C++ Frameworks & Libraries for sorting

Fast and stable sort algorithm that uses O(1) memory. Public domain.

unfork(2) is the inverse of fork(2). sort of.

The Sound of Sorting - "Audibilization" and Visualization of Sorting Algorithms

Sorting algorithms & related tools for C++14

Bolt is a C++ template library optimized for GPUs. Bolt provides high-performance library implementations for common algorithms such as scan, reduce, transform, an...

A C++ library to compress and intersect sorted lists of integers using SIMD instructions

A C++ implementation of timsort

cpp deep_sort: C++ implementation of Simple Online Realtime Tracking with a Deep Association Metric

C++ port of Simple online and realtime tracking(SORT)

This application measures round-trip audio latency on an iOS or Android device. Low round-trip audio latency is a strong indicator of how well any mobile device is...

Nox Futura - sort of like Dwarf Fortress in space.

In-place Parallel Super Scalar Samplesort (IPS⁴o)

A drop-in replacement for std::list with 293% faster insertion, 57% faster erasure, 17% faster iteration and 77% faster sorting on average. 20-24% speed increase i...

In case you want to contribute, ping on

Program to visualize, audiolize, profile, approximate runtimes for, and anything else related to sorting algorithms...

Hayate-Shiki is an improved merge sort algorithm with the goal of "faster than quick sort".

FM-Index full-text index implementation using RRR Wavelet trees (libcds) and fast suffix sorting (libdivsufsort) including experimental results....

A compute shader plugin that is capable of sorting positional data in parallel directly on the GPU.

C++11 Message Passing

Pixiple is a Windows application that searches your files for images that are similar in pixel and metadata content and presents you with a sorted list of similar...

Basic data structures, sorting algorithms, algorithms learning tools. 基本数据结构,排序算法,算法学习工具

AVX512F and AVX2 versions of quick sort

Implementation of Elementary Algorithms (infix-prefix-postfix-evaluation-to-longest-common-increasing-sub-sequence-activity-selection-balance-kd-binary-heap-binomi...

C++ Sorting Algorithm implementation

Unstable O(n log n) sorting algorithm with O(n) memory

Open source software package, which aims to allow solving different tasks related to computer vision areas, like video surveillance, vision based automation/roboti...

Order Independent Transparency via Linked List Sorting on GPU

A collection of useful models for QML that provides sorting and filtering

A comparison study between sequential sorting algorithms implemented in C++ and parallel sorting algorithms implemented in CUDA as part of the master's thesis....

Sorting algorithm quicker than MergeSort, and is adaptive and stable.

Radix sort implemented i Java and C/C++ with benchmark.

Selection and partial sorting algorithms

Learned Sort: a model-enhanced sorting algorithm

A library implements REDIS commands(Strings, Hashes, Lists, Sorted Sets, Sets, Keys, HyperLogLog) based on rocksdb...

This Repo consists of Data structures and Algorithms

This Repo consists of Data structures and Algorithms

SmuView is a GUI for sigrok that supports power supplies, electronic loads and all sorts of measurement devices like multimeters, LCR meters and so on....

C++ version of SORT: Simple online and realtime tracking of multiple objects in a video sequence

A perfect start for learning DSA in an organized way.

YOLO v3, v4, tiny + SORT tracking + ROS platform. ///// YOLO with Darknet, OpenCV(DNN), OpenVINO, TensorRT(tkDNN). ///// SORT supports python(original) and C++. No...