Constraint Satisfaction Problem Solver


Kaleb Gaar
CSCE 421

Constraint Satisfaction Problem Parser

This project takes XML files of the XCSP 2.0 file type and
transforms them into a custom CSP filetype. It parses the
file using the InstanceParser class from the abscon toolset

There are two main parts of this piece of the project: the
individual components of a CSP object and the CSP creation
class. The CSP object is made up of two lists: A list of variables
and a list of constraints. The CSP creation class takes the name
of a file as an argument and then prints out a string
representation of the CSP defined in the file.

To Run:

Help Recieved:

  • Abscon System: In addition to the parser, inspiration for the
    individual data structures was taken from this system. These
    structures, however, are not clones of each other, and much
    of the class design occurred before reviewing the Abscon files.
  • Sam Flint helped me with my build.xml and makefile.