Top C# Frameworks & Libraries for constraint satisfaction problem solver

A .NET constraint satisfaction problem solver.

Constraint Satisfaction Problem Solver - Artificial Intelligence.

App that solves Futoshiki and Skyscryper. (CSProblems)

Constraint Satisfaction Problem solving program for Sudoku and Jolka (crossword)

Constraint satisfaction problem solver written in C#.

Constraint Satisfaction Problem - Microsoft Solver Foundation - Fruitshop

Constraint satisfaction problems solved in C#

.NET Core app solving Constraint Satisfaction Problems

A collection of classes used to solve constraint satisfaction problems.

Experiments with Google or-tools for solving constraint satisfaction problems

A sudoku solver defining the problem as a constraint satisfaction problem.

This program solves a "Constraint Satisfaction Problem". This specific type of CSP is also known as Zebra or Einstein riddle. For more info please see

Solving Sudoku as a Constraint Satisfaction Problem (CSP)

.NET Constraint Satisfaction Problem modeling and solving library. fully generic variables, LINQ to constraint/computation, finite domains (for now)...