Top C# Frameworks & Libraries for gui

A cross platform XAML framework for .NET

Console-based user interface toolkit for .NET applications.

Cross platform GUI framework for desktop and mobile applications in .NET

Build HTML Desktop Apps on .NET/.NET Core/.NET 5 using native GUI, HTML5, JavaScript, CSS

The Open Toolkit library is a fast, low-level C# wrapper for OpenGL, OpenAL & OpenCL. It also includes windowing, mouse, keyboard and joystick input and a robust a...

GUI for v2ray-core on Windows

Sandcastle Help File Builder (SHFB). A standalone GUI, Visual Studio integration package, and MSBuild tasks providing full configuration and extensibility for bui...

Create, update and deploy Nuget Packages with a GUI

A flexible UI framework for Unity

The GongSolutions.WPF.DragDrop library is a drag'n'drop framework for WPF

GUI and API library to work with Engine assets, serialized and bundle files

A delicious GUI for Chocolatey

This repository was deprecated, use:

A GUI framework for C# console applications

UI automation library for .Net

An ImGui wrapper for .NET.

Visual Novels resource browser

Dump and analyze .Net applications memory ( a gui for WinDbg and ClrMd )

Laser optimized GUI for GRBL

Mono/.NET bindings for Qt

Provides the Unity Editor with adjustable, hot-swappable GUI themes across all elements.

Toast notifications for WPF allows you to create and display rich notifications in WPF applications. It's highly configurable with set of built-in options...


An FFmpeg GUI for Windows

A multi-platform data driven 2D diagram editor.

Free GUI Tool for Index Maintenance on SQL Server and Azure

Gtk# is a Mono/.NET binding to the cross platform Gtk+ GUI toolkit and the foundation of most GUI apps built with Mono...

A Windows Forms port for Unity3d

A GUI Mifare Classic tool on Windows(停工/最新版v1.7.0)

C, C++ headers and C# classes for icon fonts: Font Awesome, Fork Awesome, Material Design, Kenney game icons and Fontaudio...

Simple and powerful GUI to Microsoft RoboCopy tool

(项目正在重构) Bilibili 哔哩哔哩视频下载 C# GUI版 - 支持BV 支持4K 支持地区限制下载 支持互动视频 支持无水印 支持弹幕/字幕下载转换 支持课程下载

GUI for network install for switch and 3ds

A Windows GUI client for V2Ray.

GUI for Zigbee2Mqtt running in docker and HASS.IO

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🎞 is a modern media player for Windows that works just like mpv.

Source code for the Unity UI system.