Top C# Frameworks & Libraries for job scheduling

Automated job scheduler with fluent interface for the .NET platform.

A library for running tasks(jobs) on schedules.

Scheduler.NET is a distributed scheduler system. It support http call back job and client managed job...

.NET 4.0 Scheduled Job Lateral Movement

Swarm is a distributed scheduled job framework, based on Quartz.

Job Shop Scheduling Solver using Genetic Algorithyms

xxl-job is a lightweight distributed task scheduling framework, and this package provide a dotnet executor client for it...

Background jobs and scheduled work for .NET.

An experimental, API driven job execution engine built on top of Quartz Enterprise Scheduler .NET

Jobber is lightweight, simple and distributed task scheduler.

SiteCron is a scheduling module based on Quartz Job Scheduler.

Fluent API job scheduling engine for .NET

Schedule Cron Jobs using HostedService in ASP.NET Core

A simple management tool for schedule job ,which is based on Quartz.NET, integrate with desktop,webservice...

Event-Driven Job Scheduling Simulation for a single-CPU system

OddJob - A Simple Job Scheduler for .NET

Easy job scheduling for ServiceStack.

This sample solution shows how to create a windows service that is easily extendable to support a few different work loads, such as hosting a Web API and SignalR e...

Helper to register Quartz Scheduler and Jobs into the .NET Core dependency injection container.

Scheduling jobs using

Cron Job Library for ASP.NET Core

Job Scheduler/Background processor for recurring jobs within a date range

A peformant distributed .NET service for scheduling Elasticsearch ETLs. It uses Quartz.Net for scheduling and runs in IIS (for the time being). -- Deprecated, func...

RabbitMq MassTransit Metrobus Hangfire Autofac, Schedule Jobs

Implementation of job-shop scheduling problem using C#.

Background worker is a multi-threaded job execution and scheduling engine. Very similar to Quartz, but with a slightly different focus....

A project for creating Windows Services where you can create schedulable jobs

Simple C# distributed job scheduler

.NET Crontab Background Job Scheduler for .Net Framework, .Net Core and Xamarin

Some examples for Topshelf Windowsservices - Basic Winservice / Scheduled Jobs / Scheduled Jobs & Enitity Framework Core / Web API & EF Core...

Job scheduler and executor service pair, using Quartz.Net and RabbitMQ for scheduling and communication....

RabbitMq MassTransit Metrobus Hangfire Autofac, Schedule Jobs

🎯 LTS (or current) versions - GitHub Action that will run as a scheduled CRON job. Ideally, once every few months or as often as necessary to align with .NET vers...

nami provides a high performance c# threading library and job scheduling for humans. This project fork from retlang....

Hangfire is an open-sourced library that enables the developers to schedule events in the background with the utmost ease. It is a highly flexible library offering...

A simple background job scheduler built on top of Project Orleans.

Simple job scheduler for .NET