Top C# Frameworks & Libraries for miscellaneous

A Visual Studio Extension containing miscellaneous improvements to the editor.

Miscellaneous code from throughout my career.

A collection of free miscellaneous Windows tools

Miscellaneous tools for dealing with smash 4 files.

Set of miscellaneous extensions for .NET Core.

Useful (?) slash commands and miscellaneous integrations for Slack.

Miscellaneous C-Sharp projects for red team activities

A collection of miscellaneous code utilities and snippets.

A collection of miscellaneous nodes for Dynamo

The source code for my mod collection 'Miscellaneous' for the game RimWorld

A collection of miscellaneous stuff for use with Rock.

A set of miscellaneous WPF custom controls

Miscellaneous code for the .NET framework.

Command line utility for fixing miscellaneous stuff within Visual Studio and its tools

Miscellaneous files related to the Cozmo SDK.

Miscellaneous tools for Unity Game Engine.

My UnityEditor Miscellaneous Derivative

The .Net client for

Miscellaneous Assortment Of Code Snippets And Modules For Unity3D

Various miscellaneous bits and bobs I use/have used in Unity.

Miscellaneous contributions to System.ServiceModel (WCF).

Miscellaneous Q# code fragments

Miscellaneous Unity engine tidbits for you! Pass on the favors!

Miscellaneous samples that show how to get started with Zebus

Miscellaneous utilities for Unity

My miscellaneous web api collection.

Miscellaneous mods for Vintage Story

Miscellaneous functions to work with Autocad NET

Miscellaneous data structures reversed from original Xbox kernel (1.0.5933.1)

Miscellaneous math extensions for Unity visual scripting

Miscellaneous aproaches for solving different problems in unity

All kinds of useful things about Unity3D

Miscellaneous Automation challenge projects

Miscellaneous Automation challenge projects

Miscellaneous tools and solutions used for community work (automation, batch updates etc.)

Useful (?) slash commands and miscellaneous integrations for Slack.