Top C# Frameworks & Libraries for reactive libraries

Sodium - Functional Reactive Programming (FRP) Library for multiple languages

A .NET library that detects when an expression changes its value

Rx Tween Animation Library for Unity

A Reactive Cloud Actor library/mini-framework for .NET 4.5.2+ or .NET Standard 2.0+

Core reactive libraries, custom controls and styles for WPF UI created by SciChart

A reactive FreeSwitch eventsocket library for Modern .Net

Fluent reactive programming library for C# on top of Reactive-Streams, mirroring the Reactor-Core for JVM...

Real-time, reactive MVVM library for Blazor WebAssembly apps.

Extensions to the dotnet/reactive library.

A small validation library for WPF that uses a fluent interface and allows display messages near controls in GUI with MVVM...

A sample cross-platform application that displays photos from Flickr, built using the ReactiveUI MVVM library....

Modern, Reactive-Streams compliant library for composing (a)synchronous sequences of data and events

The compiler, IDE, and standard library for the Bonsai visual programming language for reactive systems...

Simple Flow Control Library with Rx(Reactive Extensions).

A .Net library for composing reactive collections.

Cross-platform .NET library for computations whose arguments and results are objects that implement INotifyPropertyChanged and INotifyCollectionChanged (Observable...

A set of libraries for interacting with Hashicorp's Consul from .NET that leverages the Reactive Extensions....

A thin library around Reactive Extensions to simplify writing evented applications in C#.

Reactive UI Validation library

Small, simple C# animation library built using the reactive extensions framework, utilizing Robert Penner's easing functions. Does not make use of reflection, inst...

.NET library for connecting with Beckhoff TwinCAT PLC via Reactive Extensions (Rx)

This library extends Reactive Extensions with a few helpers

A library based on Reactive Extensions.

Xamarin binding library for ReactiveNetwork Android library

A powerful reactive websocket .Net client library. It is completely asynchronous with Rx support.

A Reactive Serial Port Library

.NET library for highly reactive applications.

It is a small library for ReactiveUI to support XAML Binding validation using *FluentValidation

An inter operational library for using ReactiveUI with various Mvvm frameworks

Functional Reactive Programming Library for .Net

A library with a different approach to calling Win32 APIs, e,g providing reactive access to the clipboard or global hotkeys....

Cross-platform WebStream library for .NET using Reactive Extensions. Compatible with Windows, Mono/Xamarin Android and iOS...

OPC client with OPCLabs library uses DA UA + Reactive Extensions

Library for building declarative user interface in Unity

Libraries that make writing tests as Marble Diagrams much easier. Current scope: Akka.Net, not Rx/System.Reactive...

A reactive client library for RabbitMQ and Google PubSub, with observables, acknowledge and reject capabilities...

C# reactive library and set of tools for Unity development.