Top C# Frameworks & Libraries for science

The main repository for the development of the evolution game Thrive.

Gems of Unity Labs for our user-base.

Real Scanning, Real Science, at Warp Speed!

UXF - Framework for creating human behaviour experiments in Unity

Visual Scripting Environment for R and Data Science

DMagic Orbital Science: KSP science parts and modules.

Contains code for fundamental algorithms and data structures in computer science.

Kerbal Space Program Addon. Manages Crew, Science, & Resources on a given vessel.

[x] Science! for Kerbal Space Program

A cover version of the "Angry Birds" game used for research purposes

Build rockets in factorio, launch them in KSP to send the research back down to Nauvis as space science packs...

A clone of Super Mario World implemented in Unity.

Allows you to explore various color options for highlighting. Supports the Science of Great UI course, available on

Some 70+ interesting computer science problems and solutions in C#

Science (Physics) education app visualizes Magnetic Field for HoloLens

Microcharts.Matplotlib is a wrapper of Microcharts for Data Science and Machine Learning

Data Science With C# and ML.NET

A science enhancement plugin for Kerbal Space Program.

The Mohawk College MARC-HI/MEDIC Client Registry Reference Implementation represents the prototype Client Registry (Enterprise Master Patient Index - EMPI) develop...

A virtual reality environment for physically assembling deep learning models to solve data science problems....

SiftScienceNet is a .NET class library that provides an easy-to-use interface for the SiftScience web api....

Adds science packages that must be constructed prior to use

BioMass Science+ Mod for KSP

Computer science, Algorithms, Data Structures, Object Oriented Programming, Design Patterns, SOLID

Video Game project 2016 Software Engineering. Computer Science, Universitat de Barcelona.

SciChain: Science on the Blockchain

Source code to accompany C# For Artists: The Art, Philosophy, And Science of Object-Oriented Programming, 2nd Edition...

A KSP addon to allow for the direct transmission of science from one vessel to another

An Intelligent e-Scientific Lab room assistant for college student's to get the analytical results and accuracy of each observation. 🔬 💡...

A cross-platform app that assists remote Computer Science education by bridging the gap between pen-and-paper coding and coding on a computer...

Virtual Reality is an experimental and innovative framework containing advanced tools and options for creating virtual world applications. Virtual Reality is not a...

Some 70+ interesting computer science problems and solutions in C#

C# code for "Towards Easier and Faster Sequence Labeling for Natural Language Processing: A Search-based Probabilistic Online Learning Framework (SAPO)" (Informati...