Top C# Frameworks & Libraries for serialization

Extremely Fast MessagePack Serializer for C#(.NET, .NET Core, Unity, Xamarin). /[C#]

Fast .NET JSON (De)Serializer, Built On Sigil

Definitely Fastest and Zero Allocation JSON Serializer for C#(NET, .NET Core, Unity, Xamarin).

GUI and API library to work with Engine assets, serialized and bundle files

YamlDotNet is a .NET library for YAML

.NET's fastest JSON, JSV and CSV Text Serializers

Fast, robust, powerful and extendible .NET serializer built for Unity

A robust JSON serialization framework that just works with support for all major Unity export platforms....

MessagePack implementation for Common Language Infrastructure /[C#]

The OpenAPI.NET SDK contains a useful object model for OpenAPI documents in .NET along with common serializers to extract raw OpenAPI JSON and YAML documents from...

A powerful, easy-to-use and fastest json serializer and deserializer on .Net platforms.

The official Firely .NET SDK for HL7 FHIR

Smallest, fastest polymorphic JSON serializer

C# Server UNISTACK framework [MOVED]

Binary serializer for POCO objects

JsonFx v2.0 - JSON serialization framework for .NET

Universal binary serializer for a wide variety of scenarios

Tools library for unity 3d game engine: animator graph helpers, serialization (json), localization, event routing (eventbus, ui actions), embedded scripting, uGui...

A lockstep solution include lots of deterministic library (Math,Collision,Navmesh,BehaviorTree,Serialization ...)...

.Net library for GeoJSON types & corresponding Json.Net (de)serializers

A tool for generating .NET serialized gadgets that can trigger .NET assembly load/execution when deserialized using BinaryFormatter from JS/VBS/VBA based scripts....

C# library to serialize LINQ expressions objects turned into strongly typed C# POCO classes for use in .NET. All classes can be serialized into JSON/JSON-LD and XML, typically used to represent...

Serializable dictionary class for Unity

C# code generator for reading and writing the protocol buffers format

Save Game Free is a free and simple but powerful solution for saving and loading game data in unity....

A Sitecore utility designed to simplify deployment of Sitecore items across environments automatically...

SpanJson is a JSON serializer for .NET Core 3.0+

EDI Serializer/Deserializer. Supports EDIFact, X12 and TRADACOMS formats

Fast(est?) .Net Serializer

The official Firely .NET SDK for HL7 FHIR

An extremely simple, fast, efficient, cross-platform serialization format

Object Exporter lets you export out an object while debugging in Visual Studio, the object can be serialized in either C#, JSON or XML....

Polymorphic serialization for .NET

Binary serializer for POCO objects