Top C# Frameworks & Libraries for template engine

Open source templating engine based on Microsoft's Razor parsing engine

A fast, powerful, safe and lightweight text templating language and engine for .NET

Template engine based on Microsoft's Razor parsing engine for .NET Core

This repo contains the Template Engine which is used by dotnet new

Fluid is an open-source .NET template engine based on the Liquid template language.

Smart docx template engine for .NET

An extension of the mustache text template engine for .NET.

Samples showing how to create templates using the Template Engine for dotnet new and Visual Studio

T4 text templating engine

Lightweight, powerful, flavorful, template engine.

RazorMachine is a robust Razor 2.0 templating engine that supports layouts as well as a _viewStart construct like Asp.Net MVC...

Open source templating engine based on Microsoft's Razor parsing engine. Thread safe. Allows run Razor templates outside ASP.Net MVC Projects....

A template engine for writing dynamic sql.

C# based template engine for generating Word documents

High performance template engine for C#

A fast and lightweight template engine for .NET.

A template engine based in AngujarJS markup

A .NET rendering engine for jquery-tmpl templates

A template engine for the .NET platform which takes a DOCX file and applies a data object to generate reports, do mail merges, etc....

Lightweight, powerful, flavorful, template engine.

Simple e-mail templating engine for .NET

SMTP mailing library using DotLiquid as templating engine

A template renderer / view engine for .NET

.NET 开发框架(模板引擎,插件,ORM,基础库).net development framework,contains plugin kernel,template engine,database util,orm and some base library....

A lightweight .NET templating engine.

ConfigGen v2 - Configuration file generator and templating engine

CityEngine Augmented Reality template for Unity ARCore

Jade template languege parser implemented in C#

Library for generating DOCX documents based on templates in DOCX format with all features of MS Word available...

Extend nopCommerce Message Template Engine with Razor-Support (by RazorEngine)

Razor Templating Engine to render Razor Views(.cshtml files) to String in Console, Web, Service, Desktop workloads in .NET Core 3+...

Scryber.Core is a dotnet 5 html to pdf engine written entirely in C# for creating beautiful flowing documents from html templates including css styles, object data...

Regen is an intuitive in-code templating engine based on a regen-lang created to replace T4 Templating....

Use Unity Game Engine as a Video Editor! Template project for Unity 2019.3 or later.