Top CSS Frameworks & Libraries for naming conventions & methodologies

Named Cascading Style Sheets is a naming convention and guideline for semantic CSS

Build React components that conform to SUIT CSS naming conventions.

A React component utility to generate CSS class names that conform to SUIT CSS naming conventions.

Front-End Standard, Architecture, Naming Convention and other document

Automatically applies css naming conventions to your rails form helpers.

Class names builder library compatible for Suit CSS naming conventions.

A responsive flexbox-based CSS grid framework that uses BEM naming conventions.

Advanced generator of bem-like class names. bemNames can follow any BEM naming convention and allow easy transition between any of them. It also supports a transit...

Exploring conventions around CSS Parts and CSS Variable naming in web components.

Mobile-first CSS Lightweight Framework. It has reduced styling coding costs to a minimum with non-BEM and simpler naming conventions than OOCSS....

CSS framework following SUIT CSS naming conventions

CSS framework following SUIT CSS naming conventions

File structure, naming conventions, code layout.

A color naming convention to use with SCSS variables and CSS custom properties.

A custom CSS Grid system that uses Bootstrap naming conventions and a 12-grid system

A CSS framework that uses simple naming conventions to create a toolbox of classes.

Build helper that sorts the names of files (JavaScript, CSS, etc.) based on a file naming convention that indicates dependencies...

my CSS naming conventions

Custom properties: Naming conventions

Estructura modular CSS y convención de nombres que uso en mis proyectos

Practicing naming conventions in css

Free People CSS Naming Conventions

BEM naming conventions and Sass precompiler

This repo is a small md with the intention to set a standard in the way I use classes (CSS), particularly in Drupal sites....

CSS class name naming convention guide

Defines variables, how to assign/reassign, naming conventions

Simple naming convention to develop complex UI

This includes naming convention which can be used to give class names for maintaining css in a better way...

CSS framework following SUIT CSS naming conventions

BEM style like CSS naming conventions with CSS Modules made easy.

Functions for using BEM naming conventions in CSS and CSS Modules and applying them seamlessly in JavaScript....

I've completed 'Chat app CSS illustration' challenge using SCSS and BEM naming conventions. (Frontend Mentor)...