💾 Diskernet - An internet on yer disk. Full text search archive from your browsing and bookmarks. Weclome! to the Diskernet: Your preferred backup solution. It's like you're still online! Disconnect with Diskernet, an internet for the post-online apocalypse. Or the airplane WiFi. Or the site goes down. Or ... You get the picture. Get Diskernet. 80s logo. Formerly 22120 (project codename)


DiskerNet: An Archive of Your Online Journey

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DiskerNet empowers you to be the master archivist of your own internet browsing. As a robust, lightweight tool, DiskerNet seamlessly connects to your browser, saving and organizing your online discoveries in real-time. With an option to archive everything or only bookmark-worthy content, DiskerNet places you in full control of your browsing history. No special plugins or extensions required.

Why DiskerNet?

  • Access: Keep track of your online finds without breaking a sweat.
  • Efficiency: Find your saved content fast, saving you time for more exploration.
  • Flexibility: Share your archive with others or maintain your digital solitude.
  • Simplicity: No frills, no fuss. DiskerNet is straightforward to use, requiring no extra tools or plugins.
  • Organization: Search through everything you’ve archived with full text search of all archived content. Your own personal search engine.

Latest Updates

Local SSL Certificates Now Supported! 🔒 🎉

Ensure your DiskerNet server runs over TLS with our support for local SSL certificates.


DiskerNet is protected under the APGL-3.0

Get DiskerNet

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Install via npm:

$ npm i -g diskernet@latest


Build your own binaries:

$ git clone https://github.com/crisdosyago/DiskerNet
$ cd DiskerNet
$ npm i

## Contributions!

Welcome! Get involved. :)
$ ./scripts/build_setup.sh
$ ./scripts/compile.sh
$ cd bin/

Navigate your digital world with DiskerNet. Download and start archiving today!