Top .NET Frameworks & Libraries for assembly manipulation

IKEA Furniture Assembly Environment for Long-Horizon Complex Manipulation Tasks

NanoDJ: A Dockerized Jupyter Notebook for Interactive Oxford Nanopore MinION Sequence Manipulation and Genome Assembly...

Demo AssemblyScript project that manipulates an image

General .NET/MSIL assembly manipulation/reverse engineering utility

16BIT FASM assembly minimal library for String Manipulation

An esoteric assembly language based on the manipulation of bits

Declarative JSON collections manipulation.

Array manipulation menu (600 lines of code).

assembly x86 Manipulate an array that you build , Dynamic array

🖥️ Interesting solved problems demonstrating the concepts of Bit Manipulation and Subroutines (Functions) in 8086 Assembly Language....

📌 Solved problems to help better understand the important concepts of Display Memory (Video Card Memory), String Manipulation, Software Interrupts and Hardware In...

Explore the Apple 2 HGR amd DHGR esoteric screen layout with bit twiddling and byte manipulation.

Stack, memory manipulations, file manipulations

Assembly language programs that manipulate images / matrices.

example project to check out coding in assembly language

Working with bits on a high level with C and low level on assembly.

Manipulations on Array in Assembly (TASM)

The repo consists of different programs like fibonacci, factorial, matrix operation, string manipulation implemented in assembly language using TASM....

A social experiment in geneaology and gender manipulation, using cuddly, non-threatening, hermaphroditic, egg-laying marsupials. Implemented in X86 Assembler....

This is a project about connecting an sqlite database with assembly language i.e. NASM. C++ is used to create the interface for easier manipulation of the database...

ARM Assembly Language programs which perform various image manipulation techniques on two dimensional arrays consisting of RGB color values....

MASM x86 Assembly language // String manipulation using direct cpu register controls

simple assembly 8086 program to manipulate text

Image Manipulation using assembly language

Simple Kaleidoscope with registers manipulation

Creates, manipulates, and outputs arrays. Written in MIPS Assembly Language

What is C#? C# is pronounced "C-Sharp". It is an object-oriented programming language created by Microsoft that runs on the .NET Framework. C# has roots from the...