Top .NET Frameworks & Libraries for continuous integration

Free continuous integration platform for GitHub projects.

Open Source Continuous Integration & Deployment Server

Python-based continuous integration testing framework; your pull requests are more than welcome!

A continuous integration system built on AWS Lambda

Continuous integration server built on top of Jenkins and Hubot

PHPCI is a free and open source continuous integration tool specifically designed for PHP.

List of Continuous Integration services

:sunglasses: A quick Travis CI (Continuous Integration) Tutorial for Node.js developers

continuous integration and continuous delivery

CI Joe is a fun Continuous Integration server. Unmaintained.

:outbox_tray: An open source self-hosted continuous integration and deployment system - QQ群: 656868

Distributed continuous integration testing for JavaScript.

Plug and play continuous integration with django and jenkins

:green_book: THE Book on Full-Stack Web Application Development covering User Experience (UX) Design/Tests, HTML5, Responsive + Functional CSS, Functional JavaScri...

This library provides implementations of many algorithms and data structures that are useful for bioinformatics. All provided implementations are rigorously tested...

A Laravel Continuous Integration Package

Containerize your development and continuous integration environments. 🥂

Continuous Integration server

A bot that integrates with GitHub and your favorite continuous integration service

Distributed Continuous Integration platform.

PHP Censor is an open source self-hosted continuous integration server for PHP projects.

Simple continuous integration server written with NodeJS and CoffeeScript

Use the Jenkins continuous integration server

CruiseControl.NET is an Automated Continuous Integration server, implemented using the .NET Framework. Downloads at sourceforge. The documentation can be found at:...

Software development bot that automatically repairs build failures on continuous integration. Join the bot revolution! :star2::robot::star2::revolving_hearts:...

Tests for race conditions in web applications. Includes a RESTful API to integrate into a continuous integration pipeline....

LuaUnit is a popular unit-testing framework for Lua, with an interface typical of xUnit libraries (Python unittest, Junit, NUnit, ...). It supports several output...

A Distributed Continuous Integration System from MongoDB

CCMenu is a Mac application to monitor continuous integration servers.

OBSOLETE - continuous javascript integration

Front-end for the Drone continuous integration server

Continuous Integration software written on top of Ruby on Rails 3 and DelayedJob.

Continuous Integration, Deployment, and Delivery coordinator, written in Elixir.

Command line tool to validate HTML5 files. Great for continuous integration.

Awesome Continuous Integration - Lot's of tools for git, file and static source code analysis.

Docker microservice for LineageOS Continuous Integration and Continous Deployment