Top .NET Frameworks & Libraries for dlr

An implementation of a deep learning recommendation model (DLRM)

An asynchronous, collaborative post-exploitation agent powered by Python and .NET's DLR

Implementation of Python 3.x for .NET Framework that is built on top of the Dynamic Language Runtime....

Implementation of the Python programming language for .NET Framework; built on top of the Dynamic Language Runtime (DLR)....

Static interface to dynamic implementation (duck casting). Uses the DLR combined with Reflect.Emit.

Neo-AI-DLR is a common runtime for machine learning models compiled by AWS SageMaker Neo, TVM, or TreeLite....

Toolbox containing research notes & PoC code for weaponizing .NET's DLR

A Lua implementation for the Dynamic Language Runtime (DLR).

(pronounced dyna-mighty) flexes DLR muscle to do meta-mazing things in .net

Dynamic Language Runtime

:milky_way: A virtual universe which lets you explore, analyze and present huge planetary datasets and large simulation data in real-time....

DLR interop for F# -- works like dynamic keyword in C#

A lightweight all-in-one DLR REPL for .NET. REPL is integrated into an edit buffer, and is packaged in a single assembly for easy addition to an existing project....

A Dynamic Language Runtime (DLR) http proxy

Juka Programming Language - Rapid Prototyping Language built to run on Azure Microsoft Server

Download docker images from the docker hub to use them with other containers engine

Simple, transparent, easy to understand, object proxy using DLR and ImpromptuInterface

DO NOT send Pull Requests here, send reviews to

When's My Transport: A set of Twitter bots that tell Londoners when their next bus, Tube or DLR is arriving...

C3PO repository packages the Home Subscription Service (HSS), Database, Charge Data Function (CDF), Charge Trigger Function (CTF), Policy Control Rules Function (P...

ケチャのあ(Kecaknoah[ketʃə'rnoa]) is a script language for DLR.


Deep Learning with C# and CNTK

Real-time ranking website for deep learning frameworks (github stars, forks, watches...)

Interfaces and tools to work with SUMO and TraCI (as found here:

d-GLMNET: Distributed Coordinate Descent for Generalized Linear Models with Regularization

An interop library that uses Java Native Interface (JNI) to load a Java VM inside a .NET executable and expose Java objects as dynamic (DLR) objects so you can cal...

Real-time ranking website for deep learning frameworks (github stars, forks, watches...)

Virtual Satellite Core - Baseline Framework and IDE Tools

ARTi-C2 is a post-exploitation framework used to execute Atomic Red Team test cases with rapid payload deployment and execution capabilities via .NET's DLR....

Development repository for integrating FlexFlow (A distributed deep learning framework that supports flexible parallelization strategies) with DLRM (Deep Learning...

A recreation of the "Nobelium" malware based on Microsofts Malware analysis - Part 1: PDF2Pwn

manhuagui downloader, 99.9% pure afk, browser/JS free, supports proxy and proxy pool