A way to run .NET global tools without first installing them. Idea similar to npm's npx.


DX - .NET Execute

A tool that helps you run .NET tools without first having to install them.

.NET global tools are a new feature in .NET 2.1, which is currently in preview.


dx [options] <command> [--] [<arguments>]...

For example, for dotnetsay:

dx dotnetsay Hello World!

The output will be exactly the same as if the tool was installed and then executed.


Install .NET Core CLI at least 2.1 from microsoft.com,
then run:

dotnet tool install -g dx


Run dx with --help to see possible options. Here we document a few:

  • --rm Removes the executable if it was installed. You can also set the environment variable DX_REMOVE_AFTER_RUN to true so you don’t have to set it every time.
  • --package allows you to specify a package name different from the command name.
  • --package-version allows you to specify a version different from latest.
  • --verbose shows you logs about installing, execution and debuggin.

Use -- to separate dx parameters from tool parameters.

Exit code

The tool will exit with 1 if installation failed of dotnet was not found.

If the installation is successful then the executed application exit code will be used as exit code.

Testing install during development

Just cd to src/dx and run dotnet pack -C Release -o ../nupkg.

Then cd to src/nupkg and run dotnet install tool -g dx.

Maintainers/Core team

Contributors can be found at the contributors page on Github.


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