Top Java Frameworks & Libraries for bean mapping

An annotation processor for generating type-safe bean mappers

BULL - Bean Utils Light Library

Elegance, high performance and robustness all in one java bean mapper

Easy-mapper is a simple, light-weighted, high performance java bean mapping framework

dOOv (Domain Object Oriented Validation) a fluent API for type-safe bean validation and mapping

simpler, better and faster Java bean mapping framework

Pinto: A lightweight framework for mapping Java Beans into RDF and back again

Home of the BARACUS framework, the lightweight solution for Android bean management, object relational mapping (ORM), dependency injection, automatic form validat...

Simple Java Beans mapping for HBase

Twinkql is a SPARQL to Object Mapping Framework that lets you specify your SPARQL queries in XML, instead of in your code, and map the results to Java Beans....

Object to object mapping library for Java 8+

Add-on for Scribe project : pojo/bean to map JSON datas with your favorite JSON processor Java library, like Jackson....

Contains extensions to the spring mvc project to allow for easier database mapping of urls

Simple Vert.x extension to map your JsonObject configuration to a standard Java bean

A bytecode powered Bean mapping library

Rich-snippets pojo/bean corresponding to and (to map JSON datas with your favorite JSON processor Java library, like Jackson)....

🍁Bean mapping tool for java.(java 对象属性映射框架,基于注解灵活地指定映射。)

Demo project of bean mapping control framework

An example of a mapping fron JSON to Java Beans

A simple, self-contained (no external libraries required), partially flexible java bean <==> table mapping library...

MapStruct is a code generator that greatly simplifies the implementation of mappings between Java bean types based on a convention over configuration approach. Th...

This is an important tool to convert entities to model and the other way around

declarative bean to bean mapper

choose bean mapping framework

mysql table mapping to java bean include property, get, set

Example code for blog post Bean Mapping: Alternatives to ModelMapper


Fast bean-mapping Java library

Basic Java application demonstrating a clean & maintainable approach to Java bean mapping using MapStruct + Lombok. This project uses Gradle....

dozer mapper for mapping a bean to another bean