Top Java Frameworks & Libraries for code coverage

:microscope: Java Code Coverage Library

Advanced Java library for integration testing, mocking, faking, and code coverage

JSCover is a JavaScript Code Coverage Tool that measures line, branch and function coverage

Maven plugin for submitting Java code coverage reports to Coveralls web service.

Binary code coverage visualizer plugin for Ghidra

Mixing the coverage data from both Instrumented and Unit tests

Android code coverage example with

Better code coverage tool for JavaScript.

Check your pull request code coverage

PhpStorm plugin for displaying phpunit code coverage in editor

IntelliJ IDEA code coverage agent

Demo of Maven multi module unit- and integration testing with FindBugs and Jacoco code coverage

NetBeans module that provides JaCoCo code coverage for Ant based Java SE, Java EE and NetBeans Module projects (JDK5,6,7,8 compatible)....

Android application to demonstrate the MVP-Clean architectural pattern with TDD/BDD. 100% code coverage for bants. Read the accompanying blog post here https://med...

Mutation testing framework and code coverage for Hive SQL

The Jenkins plugin for MATLAB® enables you to easily run your MATLAB tests and generate test artifacts in formats such as JUnit, TAP, and Cobertura code coverage r...

Cold Fusion code coverage tool

JAva code coveraGe faUlt locAlization Rank

It provides the ability to feed SonarQube with code coverage data coming from Atlassian Clover

Spring Boot Rest API + Junit + Mockito and Jacoco Sonarqube for Code Coverage

Example of unit & integration test code coverage

Skybar: Live code coverage engine

Simplistic code coverage for Java

A library to compute statement-level code coverage using source code transformation with Spoon

Operias is an open source tool to produce diff reports between your code and a given branch on github. It shows the differences in source file and the difference i...

Accompanying repo to tutorial on how to apply the Jacoco plugin to your project and run a SonarQube scan to generate a code coverage report...

Emma code coverage tool.

Spring Boot Rest API + Junit + Mockito and Jacoco Sonarqube for Code Coverage

Source code of Optimizing Coverage in a K-Covered and Connected Sensor Network Using Genetic Algorithms paper...

:waning_crescent_moon: Java Code Coverage for Eclipse IDE

Mutation testing framework and code coverage for Hive SQL

Jenkins scoverage plugin for Scala code coverage

Java code coverage example using Jacoco, Spring Boot, Maven and Junit 5