Top Java Frameworks & Libraries for code generators

A collection of source code generators for Java.

A code generator for MyBatis.

High-quality QR Code generator library in Java, TypeScript/JavaScript, Python, C++, C, Rust.

Java serialization library, proto compiler, code generator

JavaCC - a parser generator for building parsers from grammars. It can generate code in Java, C++ and C#....

A Java Code Generator for Pojo Builders

A code generator to create Android ContentProvider

开源 JavaEE 企业级快速开发平台。提供了 Spring Boot, Struts2, Hibernate, MyBatis, Shiro, EasyUI 等技术,包含完整的权限管理系统等。提供自动化代码生成器。 Open source JaveEE enterprise-class rapid development...

Sculptor is a code generator that applies the concepts from Domain-Driven Design and Domain Specific Languages....

ApplicationPower is a fast code generator for a maven project

A code generator to create Android Parcelable classes

Lombok-wired JPA entity source code generator, Gradle and Maven supported.

A JNI code generator based on the JNI generator used by the eclipse SWT project

Maven Thrift Plugin that executes the thrift code generator (base on protocol buffers plugin)

The QR-Code Scanner/Generator that cares about your privacy

Cross platform mobile development toolkit consisting of a DSL for defining mobile apps and code generators for creating native apps for iOS, Android, Windows Phone...

IntelliJ IDEA Plugin - Code Generator Tool

Json to Java source code generator for Jackson (see the wiki

Vert.x code generator for asynchronous polyglot APIs

JNI Glue Code Generator

Template code generator plugin of Fish Redux for Android Studio

Byte-code generator to create Disruptor-backed proxies

Reactive SharedPreferences code generator for Android.

vangav open source - backend; a backend generator (generates more than 90% of the code needed for big scale backend services)...

A code generator that elegantly generates mybatis ORM (mapper and xml config) and intelligently retains user-defined mapper and xml, automatically creates/synchron...

Celerio is a code generator tool for data-driven application.

🔨 Nepxion Skeleton is a generic codes and files generator based on freemaker for any text formats, and provides skeleton of Spring Cloud with docker deployment 基于...

GraphQL java client code generator

基于 `mybatis-plus-generator` 自定义的代码生成器,专门为lamp-cloud和 lamp-boot项目量身定做的代码生成器。

MicroProfile project generator source code

Flapi is an API generator for Java, which generates 'smart' interfaces for improved fluency in your code....