Top Java Frameworks & Libraries for game development

Desktop/Android/HTML5/iOS Java game development framework

A complete 3-D game development suite written in Java.

Overlap2D Game development toolkit for UI and Level design

The Railcraft Mod for Minecraft, source and development.

Source code of the chapters of the book 3D Game Development with LWJGL 3

A high-level cross-platform 2D game development API

Main code and data development for pcgen program release

My contributions and utilities for the awesome libgdx game development framework.

A Java game development framework that deploys to JVM, HTML5, Android and iOS.

Sample code for the Libgdx Cross-platform Game Development Cookbook

Code supporting the free Udacity class 2D Game Development with LibGDX.

Android in-app purchase & virtual economy library. Part of The SOOMLA Framework - for game design, economy modeling and faster development....

BludBourne is a complete RPG game used as a reference implementation for my book "Mastering LibGDX Game Development."...

Bunch of utilities for Unity3D game development.

A Java game development framework based off of libGDX.

Maven distribution of the Slick2D Gava game development library

TenIO is an open-source project for making online games that includes a java NIO (Non-blocking I/O) based server specifically designed for multiplayer games and si...

Source Code for Java Game Development with LibGDX by Lee Stemkoski

A series of examples studying the new game development capabilities ERC-721 objects enable.

Alchemist is a Unity-like entity editor for game development, coded in Java 8/JavaFX

Github repo for my LibGDX 2D game development tutorials on YouTube.

AllBinary Game Development Kit (, Freeblisket E-Commerce Solution (, AllBinary Input Automation, And Eve...

Sandbox survival game created with Light Engine (Development halted due to other projects)

Framework for the Hearts card game, made for AI development.

apple-music like bubble UI for android using game development(libGDX / box2d)...

Reworked examples from Emanuele Feronato's HTML5 Cross Platform Game Development Using Phaser 3 (Babel, webpack)...

non library of java source targeting game development

A easy to use and complete game development framework build for jMonkeyEngine3.0

Source code for 'Beginning Java Game Development with LibGDX' by LEE STEMKOSKI

Hardware and Software Development on the GBC

SpringBoot styled Game Server Development Framework designed for Java developers.

This Android game is a remake of the legendary Jewel Thief game made by Paul Ligeski from ServantWare in 1991 using the libGDX game development framework....

This repository contains the Development build of PaulModz Brawl Stars, In Java server emulator for the game Brawl Stars. Keep in mind that this is the version wri...

Source code for 'Beginning Android 3D Game Development' by Robert Chin