Top Java Frameworks & Libraries for http clients

Square’s meticulous HTTP client for the JVM, Android, and GraalVM.

A type-safe HTTP client for Android and the JVM

该项目已成功集成 actuator(监控)、admin(可视化监控)、logback(日志)、aopLog(通过AOP记录web请求日志)、统一异常处理(json级别和页面级别)、freemarker(模板引擎)、thymeleaf(模板引擎)、Beetl(模板引擎)、Enjoy(模板引擎)、JdbcTemplate(通用J...

Asynchronous socket, http(s) (client+server) and websocket library for android. Based on nio, not threads....

Feign makes writing java http clients easier

Asynchronous Http and WebSocket Client library for Java

An unofficial bilibili client for android -- 该项目已停止维护!

An in-app HTTP inspector for Android OkHttp clients

Eclipse Jetty® - Web Container & Clients - supports HTTP/2, HTTP/1.1, HTTP/1.0, websocket, servlets, and more...

MockServer enables easy mocking of any system you integrate with via HTTP or HTTPS with clients written in Java, JavaScript and Ruby. MockServer also includes a p...

http-kit is a minimalist, event-driven, high-performance Clojure HTTP server/client library with WebSocket and asynchronous support...

Unirest in Java: Simplified, lightweight HTTP client library.

A safety client by Https for android, (Android网络框架,基于Retrofit和RxJava打造的链式网络库, 支持okhttp的调用风格,又兼容Retrofit API,并支持rxJava链式操作)...

TCP/HTTP/UDP client/server with Reactor over Netty

Fast Parallel Async HTTP client as a Service to monitor and manage 10,000 web servers. (Java+Akka)

A Java HTTP client for consuming Twitter's realtime Streaming API

Free and Open Source, full-featured torrent client for Android. Mirrored from

Fast Parallel Async HTTP/SSH/TCP/UDP/Ping Client Java Library. Aggregate 100,000 APIs & send anywhere in 20 lines of code. Ping/HTTP Calls 8000 servers in 12 secon...

:apple: Http client for Android platform.

Java Client for Consul HTTP API

Convenient http client for java, inspired by python request module

NodeMedia RTMP/RTMFP/RTSP/HTTP Play/Publish Client SDK for Android

Java client for Consul HTTP API

Netty 4 的一些技术栈示例代码并辅以博文讲解。主要包括入门的demo,粘包和拆包解决办法,心跳测试,http服务的实现,client重连机制,TCP滑动窗口、protobuf协议传输等相关技术。

An enterprise-grade Java-based, Apache 2.0 licensed Ethereum client

An asynchronous http client in Java, with a clean, callback-based API, using Netty 4.x

Gander is a simple in-app HTTP inspector for Android OkHttp clients. Gander intercepts and persists all HTTP requests and responses inside your application, and pr...

An android client for

Restito - mocking framework for testing rest clients

Modern Clojure HTTP server and client built for ease of use and performance

A high-level and lightweight HTTP client framework for Java. it makes sending HTTP requests in Java easier....

clover 1、开发server和client端 定时向zk集群发送心跳数据包,利用Java自带的timer程序实现该功能 2、开发整天的monitor程序,用来定时向zk中获取server和client端的心跳数据信息,如果超过指定时间没有收到最新的数据包,那么任务server端或者client端死掉了,此时要删除该se...

A high-level and lightweight HTTP client framework for Java. it makes sending HTTP requests in Java easier....

Jetbrains IDEs client for TabNine. Compatible with all IntelliJ-based IDEs.

Client-side response routing for Spring

Client HTTP and networking library based on the Envoy project for iOS, Android, and more.