Top Java Frameworks & Libraries for imagery

The NASA WorldWind Java SDK (WWJ) is for building cross-platform 3D geospatial desktop applications in Java....

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Android app that fetches images from NASA's Image of the Day and Astronomy Picture of the Day services...

Playing around with halftone imagery

MIMODEK is an interactive-evolving and changing “living” system, which is based on the principles of the natural world yet “grows” from the very fabric of the city...

Augmented reality software downloads level data from minecraft server and renders over processed imagery...

Java implementation of Regressive Imagery Dictionary based on

Automated Visual Event Detection and Classification in underwater imagery

Muzei Live Wallpaper extension to show webcam imagery as wallpaper

A web application for browsing, finding, and exporting LizardTech Express Server imagery.

Android client for NASA GIBS - a mobile version of Worldview

A general image service for orc and etc.

An android application in which the user can add images from the phone's gallery, together with a title and description....

Big picture files computing program.

Work in progress for selectively breeding random images to get something recognizable

Sample app demonstrating the Raw, Processed, and Enhanced images that can be obtained with ONYX. It utlizes the RawBitmapCallback, ProcessedBitmapCallback, and En...

TicTacToe clone using Connect4 imagery

Proxy servlet for Bing™ Maps imagery metadata.

CGI library for Java (Computer-Generated Imagery)

Fuzzy Analysis of Multispectral Multipass Satellite Imagery

Curvature Analysis Software for Biological Imagery

Media management backend for imagery-centric web sites.

Microsoft Streetside imagery plugin for the JOSM editor

Library for creating and view spatial imagery through time

A utility that downloads imagery tiles from TMS servers

A class project to examine feasibility of scoreboard imagery parsing.

Motor Imagery tasks from multi-channel EEG data

Android app for collecting KartaView imagery

Image Editor with JavaFx

This project is helping with designing new graphics and icon imagery for applications.

Terra++ Add-on that generates satellite imagery data to Minecraft world.

Java Imagery Mogrifier