Top Java Frameworks & Libraries for introspection

Library for introspecting generic type information of types, member/static methods, fields. Especially useful for POJO/Bean introspection....

Tool for introspection of SSL\TLS sessions

HotSpot JVM introspection library

Spring Boot OAuth 2.0 & OpenID Connect Identity Provider / Authorization Server

Heap introspection for test puposes

:thinking: JVM Introspection Utilities

Kaltura API Client Libraries Generator - PHP source code introspection based automation for API native SDKs generation for various programming languages and API pl...

Simple FieldCache based query introspection Solr Search Component - solves the 'red sofa' problem

Library for working with libGDX + Artemis Entity System Framework, primarily dealing with runtime introspection and live editing....

Minimalistic reflection and introspection functionality for JavaBean

An attempt at creating Java bindings sources from GObject Introspection XML files

Code-generation for introspection of private fields

Tool for (unsafe) low level introspection of a Neo4j store

An attempt at creating Java bindings sources from GObject Introspection XML files

A mod for Minecraft on arts for introspection and astral projection

Classes to allow introspection of a Freemarker template

Better type-safe proxy and compiler that generates the proxy from XML-RPC introspection

Project Application to inspect java classes

Java generics introspection & reflection utilities

Deep introspection tool for Neo4j

RDBMS introspection API in OO

Utilities for Java object serialization disassembly, introspection, version conversion etc

A benchmark suite for performance introspection of graph databases

Java library for adding command-line handling to arbitrary classes, via introspection.

A lightweight API for JDBC introspection and code generation using JDBC and Apache Velocity to generate CRUD persistence objects that understand column references/...

Tool for introspection of SSL/TLS sessions

Server de HTTP con configuracion por archivos o por anotaciones similar a Spring Boot :v