Top Java Frameworks & Libraries for json

A fast JSON parser/generator for Java.

A Java serialization/deserialization library to convert Java Objects into JSON and back

该项目已成功集成 actuator(监控)、admin(可视化监控)、logback(日志)、aopLog(通过AOP记录web请求日志)、统一异常处理(json级别和页面级别)、freemarker(模板引擎)、thymeleaf(模板引擎)、Beetl(模板引擎)、Enjoy(模板引擎)、JdbcTemplate(通用J...

A set of tools that keep Java sweet.

🏆码云最有价值开源项目 🚀后端接口和文档自动化,前端(客户端) 定制返回 JSON 的数据和结构!🏆Gitee Most Valuable Project 🚀A JSON Transmission Protocol and an ORM Library for automatically providing APIs...

Java JWT: JSON Web Token for Java and Android

A modern JSON library for Kotlin and Java.

Java JsonPath implementation

Generate Java types from JSON or JSON Schema and annotate those types for data-binding with Jackson, Gson, etc...

Java DSL for easy testing of REST services

Automated JSON API documentation for API's built with Spring

A tool for mocking HTTP services

Java implementation of JSON Web Token (JWT)

A reference implementation of a JSON package in Java.

使用spring boot打造文件文档在线预览项目解决方案,支持doc、docx、ppt、pptx、xls、xlsx、zip、rar、mp4,mp3以及众多类文本如txt、html、xml、java、properties、sql、js、md、json、conf、ini、vue、php、py、bat、gitignore等文件在...

Screaming fast JSON parsing and serialization library for Android.

Annotation processor to create immutable objects and builders. Feels like Guava's immutable collections but for regular value objects. JSON, Jackson, Gson, JAX-RS...

General data-binding package for Jackson (2.x): works on streaming API (core) implementation(s)

A demo for using JWT (Json Web Token) with Spring Security and Spring Boot 2

Maxwell's daemon, a mysql-to-json kafka producer

Nutz -- Web Framework(Mvc/Ioc/Aop/Dao/Json) for ALL Java developer is a REST+JSON framework for building robust, scalable service architectures using dynamic discovery and simple asynchronous APIs....

DEPRECATED! Java implementation of the Ethereum yellowpaper. For JSON-RPC and other client features check Ethereum Harmony...

Core part of Jackson that defines Streaming API as well as basic shared abstractions


慕课网课程推荐 Java并发编程与高并发解决方案: Java开发企业级权限管理系统: github:

Java serialization library, proto compiler, code generator

Update native Android UI on the fly

Confluent Schema Registry for Kafka

🚀 零代码、热更新、全自动 ORM 库,后端接口和文档零代码,前端(客户端) 定制返回 JSON 的数据和结构。 🚀 A JSON Transmission Protocol and an ORM Library for automatically providing APIs and Docs....

Android logger, pretty, powerful and flexible, log to everywhere, save to file, all you want is here....

A JSON Schema validation implementation in pure Java, which aims for correctness and performance, in that order...

FST: fast java serialization drop in-replacement

jsoniter (json-iterator) is fast and flexible JSON parser available in Java and Go

🍬A set of tools that keep Java sweet.

Fast JSON parser for java projects

使用netty4.X实现的手机游戏分布式服务器,支持tcp,udp,http,websocket链接,采用protobuf自定义协议栈进行网络通信,支持rpc远程调用,使用mybatis3支持db存储分库分表,支持异步mysql存储,db保存时同步更新reids缓存。 使用ExcelToCode工程,将excel数据生成ja...

A tool for mocking HTTP services