Top Java Frameworks & Libraries for miscellaneous

A set of miscellaneous and common Dropwizard utilities

Art, code and miscellaneous experiments related in some way to JOGL.

Miscellaneous "default" commands for Bukkit

Miscellaneous classes, implementations with gradle and jmh set up

Miscellaneous benchmarks for JSON serialization on JVM/Android

miscellaneous security research stuff

A set of reflection utilities and miscellaneous utilities related to working with classes and their fields with no dependencies which is compatible with java 1.5 a...

Miscellaneous Sample Code

Miscellaneous WAILA plugins for various mods

Source code, slides and miscellaneous stuff for the lecture Webengineering 2017 at the University of Kassel...

A bunch of miscellaneous patches for Minecraft.

Miscellaneous utilities for Android development.

A bunch of miscellaneous tweaks for Minecraft.

A miscellaneous hodge-podge of scripts. And other crap.

Miscellaneous Java servlets

A Telegram Bot with miscellaneous functions

Random collection of miscellaneous libraries and utilities

Bukkit plugin containing website integrations and miscellaneous tools for the Standard Survival Minecraft Server...

Miscellaneous code snippets, etc.

General library with utilities, miscellaneous or general implementations.

Miscellaneous Projects for Fun, Study and Experiment New Language Features

This repository to collect all my work in one place.

Miscellaneous jsr166y examples

Arcus miscellaneous code

A bunch of random old stuff in miscellaneous languages.

Miscellaneous source code examples, for blog posts, barcamps, etc.

Personal Discord bot with miscellaneous functions.

Miscellaneous Burp Suite extensions

[DEPRECATED] Miscellaneous. "eventual" moved to immutables/eventual

Miscellaneous utilities for Android development.

:trollface: Naive tiny projects or miscellaneous

This repository contains random programs that fit in nowhere else.

Apache Fineract library for miscellaneous assistance

Miscellaneous code and side projects

Miscellaneous useful bukkit features

Miscellaneous math-related utilities

NOTICE This repository contains the public FTC SDK for the SKYSTONE (2019-2020) competition season. If you are looking for the current season's FTC SDK software, p...

Small, miscellaneous, cross platform utility steps for Jenkins Pipeline jobs.

miscellaneous flora MOD.