Top Java Frameworks & Libraries for template engine

Thymeleaf is a modern server-side Java template engine for both web and standalone environments.

Manifold plugs into Java to supplement it with powerful features, from Type-safe Metaprogramming (direct access to GraphQL, JSON, XML, etc.), Extension Methods, Op...

Java 8 optimized, memory efficient, speedy template engine producing statically typed, plain java objects...

Jinja template engine for Java

Demo project to show different Java templating engines in combination with Spring MVC

Repo moved to Apache Incubator! - FreeMarker template engine

Hyper-Text Template Language and Engine.

A "Razor" like, rich featured, high performance and easy to use Java template engine

A set of services and tools for sending emails in a Spring Boot 1.5.x application using a Template Engine...

JMH benchmark of the most popular Java template engines

Easy-to-use template engine for creating docx documents in Java.

Repository for different Template engine implementations.

jte is a secure and lightweight template engine for Java.

A Java-based statically-typed fast template engine that can be used in any Java code. It has special adapter for use with the Play! Framework....

An ANTLR based 'Liquid Template' parser and rendering engine.

Template engine for natural languages that allows using grammatically appropriate word forms

Java template engine, quickly and easily.

Spring Boot application which demonstrates implementation of pagination in Java web application with Thymeleaf template engine...

Mustache/handlebars templating engine in Java.

Chunk Templates, a template engine for Java

A lighweight, fast Java 8 template engine

A full feaured Java-based template engine for Play2

Bootiful SQL Template - simple SQL template engine for Spring Boot Application

This is a template engine, all written in Java

PredictionIO E-Commerce Recommendation Engine Template (Java-based parallelized engine)

App Engine Java Modules Boilerplate Template

CM-11.0 Theme for the new theme engine, " Theme Template "

PredictionIO E-Commerce Recommendation Engine Template (Java-based parallelized engine)

Cambridge is a high performance template engine for java platform

Netbeans Syntax Highlighting for the Jade Template Engine

Template engine for java with statically checked and compiled templates. Compilation is performed alone with java sources....

Smarty Template Engine for Java

Word template engine for java

Rythm Template Engine for Spring Web MVC

A fast, secure, robust, concise and sex-appealing typesafe template engine written in Java

Unit test template project for camunda engine

Jade-like templating engine for Java