Top Java Frameworks & Libraries for web frameworks

VasSonic is a lightweight and high-performance Hybrid framework developed by tencent VAS team, which is intended to speed up the first screen of websites working o...

A scalable web crawler framework for Java.

A simple expressive web framework for java. Spark has a kotlin DSL

Demonstrates the features of the Spring MVC web framework

JAVA WEB + ORM Framework

WebCollector is an open source web crawler framework based on Java.It provides some simple interfaces for crawling the Web,you can setup a multi-threaded web crawl...

:cherries: Web server and web framework of Android platform.

Nutz -- Web Framework(Mvc/Ioc/Aop/Dao/Json) for ALL Java developer

Ninja is a full stack web framework for Java. Rock solid, fast and super productive.

Vaadin 6, 7, 8 is a Java framework for modern Java web applications.

Rapidoid - Extremely Fast, Simple and Powerful Java Web Framework and HTTP Server!

The minimalist framework of RESTful(server and client) - Resty

The modular web framework for Java and Kotlin

web-flash -- Admin Framework and Mobile Website Based on Spring Boot and Vue.js

Open-source native Android graph/chart framework includes line chart,stick chart,candlestick chart,pie chart,spider-web chart etc....

:rocket: lightweight high-performance WebSocket framework ( 轻量级、高性能的WebSocket框架)

Java-based Web Framework for Alibaba Group

True Object-Oriented Java Web Framework

Apache Wicket - Component-based Java web framework

Carina automation framework: Web, Mobile, API, DB

A distributed web crawler framework.(分布式爬虫框架XXL-CRAWLER)

Jar Class Loader, a configurable and dynamic custom classloader designed to create, manage and manipulate isolated Java classloaders in IoC frameworks and web appl...

A cross-platform Java game Engine (Framework) , support JavaFX / Android / IOS / HTML5 / Linux / MAC / Windows...

Responsive web application demo made with Vaadin Framework

AppFuse is a full-stack framework for building web applications on the JVM. Open source since 2003.

Simple Java Web MVC Framework

WS-Attacker is a modular framework for web services penetration testing. It is developed by the Chair of Network and Data Security, Ruhr University Bochum (https:/...

A web MVC action-based framework, on top of CDI, for fast and maintainable Java development.

ZK is a highly productive Java framework for building amazing enterprise web and mobile applications

🚀 The best rbac web framework. base on Spring Boot 2.4、 Spring Cloud 2020、 OAuth2 . Thx Give a star...

Cross-platform framework for building truly native mobile apps with Java or Kotlin. Write Once Run Anywhere support for iOS, Android, Desktop & Web....

Springboot2.0+redis+SpringMVC+Spring+Mybatis+Mybatis Plus的Java web分布式开发系统;NettySocketIo排队系统/排队模块/排队框架,它是一款具有代码生成功能的智能快速开发平台;是以Spring Framework为核心容器,Spring MVC为模型视图...

This is a Java library that implements Websockt API (Draft-75/76) for Android platform. Library uses java.nio.* packages for efficient non-blocking evented behavio...

Flow is a Java framework binding Vaadin web components to Java. This is part of Vaadin 10+.

Firefly is an asynchronous web framework for rapid development of high-performance web application.

FluentLenium is a web & mobile automation framework which extends Selenium to write reliable and resilient UI functional tests. This framework is React ready. Writ...

Carina automation framework: Web, Mobile, API, DB