Top JavaScript Frameworks & Libraries for notifications

A beautiful, responsive, highly customizable and accessible (WAI-ARIA) replacement for JavaScript's popup boxes. Zero dependencies....

Simple javascript toast notifications

The world's most versatile desktop notifications framework :earth_americas:

⛔️ DEPRECATED - Dependency-free notification library that makes it easy to create alert - success - error - warning - information - confirmation messages as an alt...

🔔 a clean and simple notification, input, and selection suite for javascript, with no dependencies

A Node.js module for sending notifications on native Mac, Windows and Linux (or Growl as fallback)

Countly helps you get insights from your application. Available self-hosted or on private cloud.

JavaScript Alert/Notification System

:calling: Apple Push Notification module for Node.js

A complete and totally customizable component for notifications in React

Turns standard Bootstrap alerts into "Growl-like" notifications.

:icecream: Vue.js 2 library for showing notifications

A javascript framework for developing pretty browser dialogs and notifications.

Notify.js - A simple, versatile notification library

A Node.js library to send all kinds of transactional notifications.

🍞 A toast notification system for react

👻 A minimalistic, responsive, vanilla JavaScript library to show toast notifications.

Update notifications for your CLI app

🐉 A macOS, Linux, Windows app to test push notifications on iOS and Android

A handy wrapper for the Web Notifications API

A NodeJS wrapper library port to send data to Android devices via Google Cloud Messaging

AngularJS Toaster is a customized version of "toastr" non-blocking notification javascript library.

Desktop notifications plugin for Chrome, Safari, Firefox and IE9+

Highly customizable jquery plugin to show toast messages

Browser extension - Get notified about new GitHub notifications

redux higher order reducer + action to reduce actions under a single subscriber notification

[WebExtension] Open GitHub notifications with shortcuts in Gmail.

Desktop notification for your console Logs

Favicon Notifications / Alerts

Automatic Notifications when Grunt tasks fail.

A small growl-like notification plugin for jQuery

Pretty simple jQuery plugin that turns standard Bootstrap alerts into "Growl-like" notifications.

🎉 A demo for progressive web application with features like offline, push notifications, background sync etc,...