jd gui

A standalone Java Decompiler GUI



JD-GUI, a standalone graphical utility that displays Java sources from CLASS files.


JD-GUI is a standalone graphical utility that displays Java source codes of
“.class” files. You can browse the reconstructed source code with the JD-GUI
for instant access to methods and fields.

How to build JD-GUI ?

> git clone https://github.com/java-decompiler/jd-gui.git
> cd jd-gui
> ./gradlew build 

generate :

  • “build/libs/jd-gui-x.y.z.jar”
  • “build/libs/jd-gui-x.y.z-min.jar”
  • “build/distributions/jd-gui-windows-x.y.z.zip”
  • “build/distributions/jd-gui-osx-x.y.z.tar”
  • “build/distributions/jd-gui-x.y.z.deb”
  • “build/distributions/jd-gui-x.y.z.rpm”

How to launch JD-GUI ?

  • Double-click on “jd-gui-x.y.z.jar”
  • Double-click on “jd-gui.exe” application from Windows
  • Double-click on “JD-GUI” application from Mac OSX
  • Execute “java -jar jd-gui-x.y.z.jar” or “java -classpath jd-gui-x.y.z.jar org.jd.gui.App”

How to use JD-GUI ?

  • Open a file with menu “File > Open File…”
  • Open recent files with menu “File > Recent Files”
  • Drag and drop files from your file explorer

How to extend JD-GUI ?

> ./gradlew idea 

generate Idea Intellij project

> ./gradlew eclipse

generate Eclipse project

> java -classpath jd-gui-x.y.z.jar;myextension1.jar;myextension2.jar org.jd.gui.App

launch JD-GUI with your extensions

How to uninstall JD-GUI ?

  • Java: Delete “jd-gui-x.y.z.jar” and “jd-gui.cfg”.
  • Mac OSX: Drag and drop “JD-GUI” application into the trash.
  • Windows: Delete “jd-gui.exe” and “jd-gui.cfg”.


Released under the GNU GPL v3.


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