A complete 3-D game development suite written in Java.



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jMonkeyEngine is a 3-D game engine for adventurous Java developers. It’s open-source, cross-platform, and cutting-edge.
v3.6.1 is the latest stable version of the engine.

The engine is used by several commercial game studios and computer-science courses. Here’s a taste:

jME3 Games Mashup

Getting Started

Go to to download the jMonkeyEngine SDK.
Read the wiki for the installation guide and tutorials.
Join the discussion forum to participate in our community,
get your questions answered, and share your projects.

Note: The master branch on GitHub is a development version of the engine and is NOT MEANT TO BE USED IN PRODUCTION.

Technology Stack

  • windowed, multi-platform IDE derived from NetBeans
  • libraries for GUI, networking, physics, SFX, terrain, importing assets, etc.
  • platform-neutral core library for scene graph, animation, rendering, math, etc.
  • LWJGL v2/v3 (to access GLFW, OpenAL, OpenGL, and OpenVR) or Android or iOS
  • Java Virtual Machine (v8 or higher)


Did you miss it? Don’t sweat it, here it is again.


Read our contribution guide.


New BSD (3-clause) License