Top jQuery Frameworks & Libraries for animation

Lightweight, cross-browser and highly customizable animated scrolling with jQuery

A jquery plugin for CSS3 text animations.

Riding carousels with jQuery.

jQuery Plugin to draw animated circular progress bars

Simple and tiny JavaScript library that adds parallax animations on any images

jQuery plugin to scroll the text like the old traditional marquee

Lightweight, simple to use jQuery plugin to animate SVG paths

jquery plugin for easy creating loading css3/images animations

A jQuery plugin that works in harmony with animate.css in order to enable animations only when content comes into view....

jQueryRotate - plugin to rotate images by any angle cross-browse with animation support

Premium Bootstrap 4 UI Kit based on Google's Material Design

Simple colorful animated notifications with JQuery. It never has been easier to create a notification....

Simple plugin that add rotate css property and animation

πŸ› οΈ A modular DOM manipulation library.

:dart: Paper Ripple lets you add a Material Design ripple effect to any UI elements on your web page....

:snowboarder: A responsive slider jQuery plugin with CSS animations

Form Animation: when form validation <3 animate.css

:cloud: An awesome yet simple plugin for jquery that let's you create clouds on the fly.

Create animated flipping menu links with this extremely lightweight jQuery plugin.

Plain JavaScript version of jQuery's slideToggle(), slideDown(), & slideUp(), but does not use display: none....

Lightweight jQuery scrollTop animation without jQuery

The ultimate animation library for javascript - animate everything!

jQuery parallax background plugin based on GSAP

The Animated Toggle Menu is helpful for creating websites. It’s lightweight, easy-to-use and requires minimum lines of code....

Developer Student Club-LPU Website. It's a Static website made with HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery & Bootstrap. It's a fully responsive website with beautiful ani...

animationCounter.js is a jQuery plugin that animates a number from a value to another value or to an infinite value...

When you scroll down the page a bit, the header resizes smaller with CSS3 animations, and gets back bigger when you scroll back to the top...

Generate random Background Lines it's great for Backgrounds

Do you find web animations distracting? Togglific provides a distraction-free web experience!

Add ripple effect to any element you want when the click action happens ("ripple effect")

πŸ“ƒ Fold up DOM elements like paper

🧊 Visualizes arrays as cube interfaces

β–° Add some diagonal rhythm to your elements

A ~700 byte Promise-based library for animating elements with dynamic heights open & closed. Basically, a modern variant of jQuery's slideUp(), slideDown(), and sl...

Web animation javascript plugin for beautiful background particle systems. The Maintained and LTS version of popular Particleground....