Top jQuery Frameworks & Libraries for validation

A simple jQuery plugin to validate forms.

A simple Form Validation Utility for Bootstrap 3, Bootstrap 4, and Bootstrap 5 for Humans.

Form Animation: when form validation <3 animate.css

jQuery library to validate html forms. compatible with bootstrap v4 and bootstrap v3

A jQuery plugin for entering and validating Tunisian users' data or any other data. It is made very easy to use and easier to customize...

Tutorials, definitions, frameworks and some of the projects i made when starting to learn frontend web developement...

Add-on to jQuery Validation to make unobtrusive validation compatible to Bootstrap v4.x.

jQuery Plugin for client side easy form validations.

Valid8 - Super Simple Bootstrap Form Valiation

The jQuery plugin for validation and post form data to server

Simple inline form validation using HTML5 attributes that plays nicely with Bootstrap

Dynamically generate an HTML form with field validation and custom errors from JSON

A small validator for jinja2 template

CodeIgniter: Add, Edit, Delete, View , Login , Register, Ajax , JSON , Jquery Demo, CodeIgniter CRUD, CodeIgniter Boilerplate...

Provides Bootstrap form validation in Angular - No jQuery required

Simple and secure contact form using Ajax, validations inputs, SMTP protocol and Google reCAPTCHA v3 in PHP....

:beers: It is a lightweight jQuery form validator which enhances on html5 validations

JQuery validation plugin: practical, simple and extensible

全能 JavaScript 表单验证框架 (支持 div, tooltip, Bootstrap3...) Almighty JavaScript form validation framework (support div, tooltip, Bootstrap 3, etc.)...

validateForm validate form jquery zepto plugins

Validate data forms in client and server sides seamlessly

Sri Lanka National Identity Card Validation ( Jquery )

Build and validate DRY html forms in minutes with JSON, jQuery and Bootstrap

Validaty - A Validation Plugin

Concept of form validation using JQuery

ASP.NET Core MVC case study solution for codeArbor and PluralSight Guides. Demonstrates client data validation using view models, data annotations, jQuery unobtrus...

Lightweight jQuery validation plugin.

HTML 5 & Bootstrap Jquery Form Validation Plugin

Kanban Task Manager, Manage your teams, projects and tasks. Developed with Django and many JS libraries such as jquery, jquery-validations, jKanban, full-calendar,...