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🚀 Laravel Deployer

Looking for the old Laravel Deployer? Click here.

Laravel Deployer is no longer the package it used to be. Since that package was created, Deployer has become better and better at integrating with Laravel to the point that I will now put my efforts into maintaining Deployer directly for Laravel users rather than mirroring its changes on a different repo after each release. You can read more about this decision here.

I’ve written a series of tutorials to help Laravel users deploy their application using Deployer directly.

Deploy your Laravel app from scratch.

If you prefer a quick guide to get started with Deployer 7, I’ve added one for you below.

Deploy your Laravel application using Deployer 7

  • Add Deployer to your dependencies.
    composer require deployer/deployer:^7.0
  • Copy/paste the deploy.yaml or deploy.php file of this repository to the root of your project.
  • Update the deploy.yaml or deploy.php with your own server details.
  • Run dep deploy to deploy once.
  • Run dep ssh to connect to your server via SSH.
  • Run cp .env.example .env && php artisan key:generate to initialize your .env file.
  • Run vim .env and update your production environment variables.
  • Exit your server — exit.
  • Run dep deploy once more now that your .env file is all set up.